Collectivism seriously affects all aspects of life in Russia, and even everyday life.

Earlier we wrote about how under the conditions of unsustainable farming helping the weaker neighbors was common, otherwise even strong could not survive.

It is interesting to examine how collectivism continues to affect the everyday life in modern day Russia.

What would People Think?

Everyday behavior of people, from choosing what to wear to communication, is carried out ​​largely with looking over your shoulder.

And not necessarily concerned only with the opinions of friends or people of the same social status. People are concerned with the opinions of everyone around them. “What would people say?” And, indeed, these “other people” discuss and give advice, intervene and inform of their opinions.

So it is absolutely normal on the street to make a comment about someone else’s child to his mother that, for example, he is not dressed according to the weather.

Maybe, you could call it a certain type of collective pressure.


Good Friends

Unsustainable farming and many political upheavals of bygone eras have led to the understanding that all values are transient. And it is your environment that becomes a guarantee, your insurance, and your protection.

In the old times, this was a close circle of neighbors and relatives. Today – mostly friends and acquaintances with whom you maintain friendly relations.

For example, if you have no chance of getting into a leading medical clinic – “an acquaintance” can help you deal with that issue quickly and efficiently.

It is our relatives, friends and acquaintances who help us in difficult times.

Certain Restrictions

Collectivism helps to deal with difficulties. But at the same time it diminishes an individual.
For example, the adjective “hard-bitten” (the one who can take of things on his own) is perceived as negative.

Russian people are even likely to decline a new good job position, or moving to a new city if that would mean that they would need to lose touch with their family and friends.


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