Moscow does not Believe in TearsIn the film there are three women – and three different fates.

“Moscow does not believe in tears” came out on Soviet screens in 1979. The director Vladimir Menshov told a touching story about three girlfriends. In the early 1950s they all come to Moscow in search of happiness. Different characters and, as a result, different life’s journeys.

Heroines of the Film

Antonina is a loving wife, caring mother and a warm hostess. The ability to appreciate what is given to her by fate helps her create a cozy and warm atmosphere in her family.

Lyudmila always treated life as a lottery. Chasing a mythical happiness, and unwillingless to be satisfied with a little set her apart from her girlfriends.

The main heroine of the film is Katerina. Fate has served her many bitter lessons: a failed love, loneliness for many years… But she has managed to survive and preserve her positive attitude towards life. She is used to rely only on herself and never expects help from anyone. She brought up her daughter by herself, built a career. A successful leader and a good mother, Katherine is not happy as a woman. And in her middle age she meets a man who is as independent, intelligent and strong as she is. But to believe in love and to trust him feels so hard…

Awards for the Film

In 1980 the work of the creative team won the main prize at the 10th IFF in Portugal. The film also received four diplomas for participation in various international film festivals. And the next year, 1981, became the most “fruitful” for its recognition:

  • Seven actors who starred in the film were awarded the USSR State Prize
  • The lead actress, Vera Alentova won the Grand Prix “Saint Michel” at the festival in Brussels
  • In Japan the movie was recognized as the best foreign film
  • In the U.S., the film won the “Oscar” for best foreign film
  • In the U.S., the film won the Special Prize of the American Guild of distributors

Many phrases from the film became popular expressions.

Surprisingly kind, sad and at the same time very funny film for over 30 years has been a favorite of many Russian people.

The movie with English subtitles (part 1)

The movie with English subtitles (part 2)


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