The Film The Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky

The idea of this unusual and poignant film has been nurtured by Tarkovsky slowly and painfully.

Dreams from his Childhood

For many years Tarkovsky has been haunted by the same dream. These were some sketchy memories of his childhood: his mother, the wind, the house that he could not enter… So often Andrew had this dream, so he decided to make it a reality.

The Film as a Child

It took him many years. During the filming the movie was constantly changing, the same way a child grows and develops. Just the title was changed four times. As a result came out a multi-layered and multi-faceted film, which requires effort to comprehend. The director as if offers to reflect on the transience and fragility of life and love.

About the Storyline

It is impossible to retell the plot of the film, and unnecessary. Each viewer will find something different in it. According to the memoirs of Tarkovsky himself, his father saw in the film the assessment of his own life. But Andrew remarked bitterly that his parents did not notice how he “dealt with himself.” “The Mirror” – is an attempt to convey the impressions and emotions of your own life.

Surprisingly, but disjointed episodes, numerous inserts of military documentaries all add up to make a coherent picture.

An unexpected tool of the master – combining incompatible: timeless works of art next to chronicles of modern life, personification of two different roles (mother and wife) by the same actress. Margarita Terekhova understood the idea of the director and masterfully implemented it.


Tarkovsky admitted that this film got very mixed reviews from his colleagues. But it is surprising that the largest number of personal letters from his viewers the director received particularly after “The Mirror”: the film does not leave anyone indifferent.

The film, released in theaters in 1974, was not recognized at home, but abroad it received a great positive response.

In the last decade, “The Mirror” repeatedly was included into various lists of the best films in the polls of critics and directors.

The movie with English subtitles


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