Orda Cave in Russia

You have to see it with your own eyes.

Orda cave is one of the thirty largest gypsum caves in the world, but it is the largest gypsum underwater cave in Russia and in the world.

The length of this underwater gypsum cave is 5,150 meters. And this is not the limit – the research is ongoing. It is full of big grottos, some of which are the size of a soccer field. Inside the cave resembles maze.

Orda Cave in Russia

The water temperature in the cave is 4-7 degrees Celsius. The water in the cave has a unique transparency. And what is especially nice for divers that it almost doesn’t get blurred when diving.

The cave is located in the Perm region in Russia (the capital – the city of Perm).

The cave was formed in gypsum during the Permian period (yes, Permian period or simply Perm is the period of the Paleozoic era –and got its name in honor of the Russian city of Perm).

Orda Cave in Russia

Very few people have seen the beauty of this cave, because low temperatures and the complexity of the dive screen out inexperienced divers. Besides the cave was only discovered in the middle of the last century, and people started visiting it only recently – about 20 years ago.

The cave has small living inhabitants. For example, a blind sand hopper – amphipod Crangonyx chlebnikovi Borutzky.

The cave is equipped for year-round diving. You can also be trained on location. It is believed that those who have received special training in Orda cave, afterwards will feel very comfortable in any underwater cave anywhere, though a training course seems to be the same everywhere.

Orda Cave in Russia

Of the advantages of the cave – you can be as far as 5 kilometers from the entrance, but you will still not get on the decompression, because the depth of the dive is usually in the range of 15 meters, and there are no significant currents.

Of the disadvantages – the fragility of the walls and the ceiling (sulfate rocks), and limited due to the cold time of diving: from 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on equipment), in side aisles there is a thick layer of silt.

How to Get to Orda Cave

Not far from the cave there is the airport of the city of Perm (direct flights from Moscow). Next, you can get by car to the village of Orda or the city of Kungur where you can stay overnight. From the village of Orda to the cave entrance – just a few hundred meters.


The world’s first spherical panorama of the underwater cave, made by ​​extreme Russian photographer Viktor Lyagushkin (supported by the team of PHOTOTEAM.PRO – see the link below); preparation for the spherical panorama – the team AirPano. Ordacave, main route:

And one more video:


All photos – Viktor Lyagushkin / The team that is engaged in extreme media projects phototeam.pro

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