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We put together a compilation of facts about the Cold War. Well-known Cold War facts and those that will surprise and even amaze you.

Fact 1. The Socialist Camp

In 1955 the Warsaw Pact (between the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania) was signed. According to the agreement on the territory of the member states the Soviet bases will be placed. Establishment of the Warsaw Pact was a direct response to the establishment of NATO in 1947.

Fact 2. Francis Powers

In 1960 an American spy plane U-2 operated by Francis Powers was shot down. It flew over the territory of the USSR at an altitude of 20 kilometers. Powers had to catapult, but that would activate the charge and destroythe plane together with the pilot. Powers was able to get out of the plane. The United States said that the pilot “got lost.” But the whole world got a chance to see the spy equipment of the aircraft. U-2 planes never flew over the USSR again.

Fact 3. Spy Scandal

In 1964 there was another meaningful event of the Cold War: US announced its protest to the USSR in connection discovering microphones in the building of the American Embassy in Moscow.

Fact 4. The Elusive Submarine

This remarkable incident of the Cold War took place in 1971 in the North Atlantic.

A group of ships of the aircraft carrier “Saratoga” discovered a Soviet submarine. Any attempts to ward off the ship were in vain – the ship got away with ease. Then the ship was found on the other side. There was a feeling that the aircraft carrier group was being pursued by many submarines. Any attempts to escape from persecution during the whole day led to nothing. Then the “boats” disappeared in the water. American sailors never did understand that it was just one boat.

The USSR has created a unique titanium submarine (project “Anchar”, K-222,“PAPA” / PAPA), which was able to develop a speed when submerged of more than 40 knots (more than 80 kilometers per hour).

The ship was specially designed to fight against aircraft carriers, and was equipped with an underwater missile launch and torpedoes. The Soviet nuclear submarine was able to be in the autonomous navigation under water without surfacing for months.

Due to the huge cost and the ability to execute any order of the command, the boat was nicknamed “goldfish”.

Soviet submarine K-222 ("PAPA")

Soviet submarine K-222 (“PAPA”)

Fact 5. Strange Boeing of the Flight 007

Regarding the incident of 1983 there are more questions than answers.

South Korean Boeing, flight 007 deviated from its course for 500 kilometers and was shot down (269 victims), after flying over Soviet territory for about 2,000 kilometers. And until the very last moment the crew was not aware of the location of the plane. The events unfolded in complete radio silence from dispatchers, who could not help but notice that the airplane was flying off course, given that there was no interruption of connection.

A Soviet pilot who shot down the Boeingwas completely confident that he shot down the United States reconnaissance aircraft (the United States were at that very time carrying out an “operation” using a superficially similar spy plane Boeing RC-135, in the same area), and the next day he found out that the plane he shot down was a passenger jet.

Another odd thing is that in 1978 again an American Boeing and again belonging to the South Korean airline has deviated off course (the flight was from Paris to Seoul across America) and turned up in the northern regions of the USSR, flying 600 kilometers inland. Then, as a result of the interception operation only 2 people died. But until that information was confirmed, all Western media were in hysterics: “Russians killed all passengers on a passenger flight.”

Let’s think about it. If the problem was in the navigation equipment of Boeings or in the quality of training of Korean Airlinesflight crews, then the airplanes would just constantly fall down – they would turn up in the North Pole, in the depths of the oceans, and so on. But these things never happened. Given the fact that the United States had plans to shoot down passenger planes back in 1962 over Cuba to accuse Cuba of inhumanity, there are some very unusual versions of the crash of the Boeing plane.

This is not a complete list of the Cold War facts.


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