The Orochi is a small nation of the Russian Far East.

Orochisel, nani – that’s how the Orochis call themselves. It is believed that the name of this nation originates from the Tungus word “oron” (deer) and means “owningdeer.” Although this version may be questionable: Orochis have never engaged in deer farming.

In the early 20thcentury Orochis were at the primitive communal system stage. But today Orochi’s lifestyle has changed dramatically.

Lone Hunters

The Orochis are expert hunters. Bows, spears, hunting knives, crossbows, hook loops (for furanimals), traps – the main arsenal of an Orochi hunter until the 19thcentury. Later firearms became widespread. The main hunting trophies are moose, red deer, musk deer, squirrel, sable, wild boar and all kinds of game.

Orochis preferred hunting alone. Each hunter had his own barn where he stored equipment and food supplies.

Expert Fishermen

Inventive Orochis used all kinds of tackle to catch fish. Harpoons, hook tackles and fishing rods, nets made of nettle, traps and seines. For sea lions and seals Orochis fished with harpoons.

Orochi is a Settled Nation

Orochis settled near rivers and close to hunting grounds. And even here you can see their desire to stay apart: small settlements of 5-6 houses were located at a distance of at least 15 km from each other.

For a long time in their communities uneven-aged and polygamy marriages were present.

Today Orochis retain their system of beliefs and world outlook: shamanism, coupled with totemism and animism (a belief in spirits living in nature).

Dissolution of the Nation

Active development of the northern territories of Russia after the formation of the USSR became a difficult period for Orochis. The nation forcibly torn away from the natural cycle of its developmentquickly transitioned to civilization. Today it is virtually impossible to find a family where both spouses are from Orochis. But the ethnic identity of Orochis still remains.

But will the Orochis remain as an ethnic group?


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