The Battle of Borodino

Establishment and development of the Armed Forces is always related to the development of the state. In Russia, the history of the Armed Forces is as rich and interesting as the history of the economic and political development of the country.

The Recent History of the Russian Army

By the 16thcentury in Muscovy there were about 200,000 soldiers of noble origin. Assigning duty positions and forming the army was commissioned to a special body –the Noble order. In the first half of the 17thcentury soldier regiments were often commanded by foreign officers. During the reign of Peter the Great such regiments formed the basis of the regular army.

Regular Russian Army was being created during the decade from 1701 until 1711. From among 10-20 houses of peasants one person was sent to a lifelong service in the army. Officers could only benobles. Army affairs were managed by the Military Collegium and the Government Senate. Together with the army on the Baltic Sea the Russian Navy was established as well.

Red and Soviet Army

The established system of the Russian army was destroyed in the early 20th century during the October Revolution. First, the Red Guard was created, and then to replace those unprofessional formations under invasion threat from the German troops in 1918, the Workers’and Peasants’ Red Army and Red Navy were established.

By 1941, there were 5.7 million soldiers in the Soviet army. Before, during and after the World War II, the army was actively reequipped and improved.

The structure of the Soviet army included the Ground Forces, the Strategic Missile Forces, the Air Force, the Air Defense Forces, and the Navy.

Russian Army

Today, the Russian Armed Forces include: the Ground Forces, the Navy, the Air Force, the Airborne Troops, the Strategic Missile Forces, and the Space Forces. The Supreme Commander is the President.

Russian army has always been a powerful force capable of effectively protecting the borders of its country.


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