We continue to get acquainted our readers with the works of a very interesting photographer Alexander Sennikov.

Alexander Sennikov in his photos recreates the spirit and the feel of the Soviet Union.

Soviet children were having fun not only in the countryside.

In the cities children had lots of activities to choose from in addition to school or kindergarten classes.

If children were too young to be able to read, their grandmothers read them lots of fairy tales. Almost every grandmother in the USSR used to knit something for her grandchildren. For example, warm wool socks. Kids could put them on during their winter walks (toboggans, sliders etc).

Fairy tales

Fairy tales

Children loved to subscribe to different journals and magazines. Every kid had a long list of magazine subscriptions in his head based on his interests but the actual list was reduced to only a few magazines. It was not possible to spend an entire family’s budget on magazines. But it was a special pleasure to open the mailbox and find there new issues of magazines and journals with a smell of fresh printing ink. Very often children stored those magazines for years. They were often reread as they contained really useful materials. But there were no politic articles in Soviet magazines. At the most – some briefs on the first pagesthat people just browsed through. Those magazines were really very interesting and had truly useful articles. Today’s glossy magazines look better, but they are far in quality of their reading materials from Soviet publications of that time. That is why you can find many lines from those Soviet magazines in our up-to-date magazines at present.

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