Relatives (aunts, cousins and other relatives) often sent packages to their family members with different yummy things for holidays or just to treat kids. For instance, very often there were sweets from local candy factory in those gift bags. As a rule packages were packed in plywood boxes or just wrapped in special fabric. At the post office packages were then tied with a durable rope and sealed with wax seals.

Parcel from Volgograd

Package from Volgograd

During the Soviet era people loved getting together for public holidays (New Year) or personal holidays (birthdays). Then people liked to look at photos. Sovietphotos were typically black and white.

Birthday Memories

Birthday memories

Among the photos there were photos from the war years, letters from grandfathers who defended the country in the Great Patriotic War, also known as the Second World War.

Such a name – The Great Patriotic War – was given to the war because people fought for their motherland.

Those war photographs were often signed. Sometimes children were shown war medals by the granddads that they got in the war.

Just to remember

Just to remember

When people went shopping they took a special mesh/net bag with them – a shopping bag. In those shopping bags you could fit not only your usual shopping items, but even a huge watermelon.

In the USSR one of the staple products was cow’s milk. Milk could be bought in special jars on tap, or in reusable glass bottles- whatever you prefer.

If you bought milk in glass bottles you should have consumed it within a couple of days. People usually boiled, cooled and then put in a fridge the milk that they had bought in a store. Empty milk bottles were recycled by bringing them back to the store or a small fee.

The Soviet milk bottle had an interesting shape. The bottle cap was made from thick foil. It was easy to open bottles – just to press the cap down. That glass milk bottle is a masterpiece of the Soviet design!

Soviet milk bottle

Soviet milk bottle

30-40 years ago, in the Soviet Union era, people spent their time something like that.

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