The USSR. Day By Day

In the USSR men used safety razors for shaving. Straight razors were already a relic. But the time for modern razors and shaving foam hasn’t come yet. As a rule Soviet men used shaving cream with shaving brushes or only shaving cream, if they were in a hurry.

Shaving items

Shaving items

There used to be a special bag for carrying eggs, which was called an egg netting. But either way children could break eggs easily on their way home from a store.

Broken eggs were not thrown away – they were put in the refrigerator to be used immediately in a dish.

As for oil – it was sold on tap like milk. People just went to the store and brought different-sized glass bottles in which the oil was poured.

A broken egg

A broken egg

In the Soviet Union there was a very important public – the International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8.

As a rule on March 7 women were congratulated at their workplaces and were gifted fresh tulips. On this day you could see lots of women carrying tulip arrangements on the streets.

And early in the morning on March 8, men went to the markets to buy flowers for their wives, mothers etc.

Then it was a family fest. On this day men who were typically far from any housework had to cook and do things around the house.

March Tulips

March Tulips

Soviet boys often collected stamps. There were different stamp series.One of the most popular series was the one with Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin was the first cosmonaut in the world.

From the past After 50 years

From the past after 50 years

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