Many foreigners from ex-Soviet republics and non-CIS countries strive to live in Russia.

From time to time Russia becomes influenced by economic crises. Volatile economy scares away those, who come to Russia to make quick money or build a career (immigrants from Asia, Europe or Northern America), but less materialistic foreigners still feel a strong interest in this country. Why do they find Russia so appealing? Let’s try to figure it out.

1. Tolerance

Russia is a highly tolerant country. Various polls have shown that Europeans and Americans are not nearly so tolerant of other faiths and beliefs as Russians.

Being in Paris, I saw a native Frenchman frowning at the company of African immigrants. He was not directly hostile, but he clearly did not like them. In Russia, tolerance is not just a political correctness stunt, but the way of world perception. Indeed, there are more than 180 peoples living in Russia. For many years people of different cultures and nationalities have been making a great contribution to the Russian development. Russia will gladly accept new members into its multinational family, if those are ready to live and work there.

2. Living in Russia is interesting

This huge country is a real kaleidoscope of different cultures, natural and urban panoramas.

Yaroslavl by Andrey

Yaroslavl by Andrey (CC, flickr)

Sankt-Peterburg by Dennis Jarvis

Sankt-Petersburg by Dennis Jarvis (CC, flickr)

Chike-Taman, Altai by Serge Bystro

Chike-Taman, Altai by Serge Bystro (CC, flickr)

Russians themselves are particularly interesting specimens, unfettered by any conventions.

3. Real human relations

Yet, Russians cannot be called ordinary people. They differ from uptight Asian nations or Europeans, who always follow the rules of courtesy and respect the concept of private space.

When Russians smile, they do it sincerely. When they truly detest something, they are unlikely to conceal it. Russia is the only place, where you can have “a heart-to-heart talk”, i.e. you can say whatever comes to your mind.

4. Spirituality and intelligence

Russians have a reputation for being spiritual and intelligent people, regardless of their social status.

You may be surprised to learn that a lovely girl you are talking to buys products and medicines for an old lady, who lives nearby and cannot do it for herself. She does it every day and does not regard this act as something extraordinary.

A down-to-earth technician may reveal himself as a big fan of classical music and Renaissance art. Likewise, a bus driver may switch on a classic rock song and the better part of passengers may sing along to it in English.

5. Dispute

Dispute is a unique phenomenon of daily life in Russia. In fact, it is quite hard to imagine a real dispute in any other western or eastern culture unless it is scientific debates. In Russia, a meeting or a holiday fest may result in a heated discussion on any possible topic, and it is commonly known that truth is born of arguments.

6. A stable living base in Russia

A major part of Russia lies in stable and seismic-safe zones.

Besides, the bulk of the Russian territory is notably raised above sea level. As a rule, greenhouse effect makes climate for the population of Russia better and not worse, as in other parts of the world. For instance, Russian winters become milder.

Russia is well-provided with fresh water (remember Lake Baikal), fossil fuels and minerals. Furthermore, such renewable resources as hydropower are immense and their number is constantly rising. All in all, Russia has almost everything needed for a good live.

7. All for one, one for all!

The time of troubles and the pursuit of a crazy idea – either it is the elimination of a threat to mankind or dare a space flight – seem to draw Russians together. United by a common belief, they form an integrated whole. And it is damn good to feel that you are a part of something big and great!

8. Talented and gifted

Russians are people of many talents. Never-ending problems make this nation very resourceful.

If you look upon the development of science and technology, you will realize that many inventions and breakthroughs become possible thanks to native Russians and Russian immigrants. Nowadays, this trend is still present. It is nice to live in Russia, surrounded by such gifted people.

9. Russian art

We have posted many articles on Russian writers, poets, composers, musicians, singers, architects and other representatives of Russian art. And we will post even more.

If you live in Russia, you have a chance to immerse yourself into its rich history and touch upon the treasures of world culture right where they were created!

10. Beauty

Stranger portrait. She is an architect. Novosibirsk (Siberia). By Mikhail Koninin

Stranger portrait. She is an architect. Novosibirsk (Siberia). By Mikhail Koninin

Being a seasoned traveler, I am probably allowed to say that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. There is no other place where I have met so many gorgeous people. Even in foreign countries and tourist strongholds Russians can be easily distinguished by their beauty. In simple words, if you see an attractive girl on the beach, feel free to greet her in Russian by saying “Privyet!” (“Hi!”).

Certainly, a life in Russia has its drawbacks, but there are no perfect countries in the world.

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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