4. Most Beautiful Places to See in Russia. The Sayan Mountains

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The Sayans are incredibly beautiful mountains in Southern Siberia. They can be divided into the Eastern and Western parts.

The breathtaking Sayan Mountains intersperse with picturesque valleys.

Dense forests, many mountain rivers, waterfalls up to 200 m high, majestic lakes and stunning wild nature are immediately associated with the Sayan Mountains.

The real gem of Siberia and the Sayan Mountains is Ergaki National Park. It’s a magical land with peaks resembling ancient fortresses. Ergaki is also a mystical place that attracts many tourists to Siberia. The symbol of this natural park is Parable Mount.

Best time to visit: the second half of June to the middle of September.

The nearest airports are located in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.

‘Must-see’ places: Ergaki National Park, Stolby Nature Sanctuary, the Tunkinsky Valley, the Jom-Bolok volcanic field, Khakass-Minusinsk Hollow, the Sunduk Mountains (Khakassia), the Valley of Volcanoes, Mongun-Taiga Mount (Tuva), Mönkh Saridag Mount (Buryatia).

5. Most Beautiful Places to See in Russia. The Altai Mountains

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The Altai Mountains are a unique and breathtakingly beautiful site. Those who have visited Altai Krai speak about the place in glowing terms. The name “Altai” can be translated from the Turkic languages as the “golden mountains”. Altai is located in the heart of Asia, on the south of Western Siberia. It shares borders with China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

The Altai Mountains are among the Russian regions with the best environment. You won’t find any railways or plants there. No one can remain indifferent to the beauty of this place! The nature of Altai is diverse and different. There you’ll see thick taigas and rainless steppes, small hills and snow-capped mountains (the highest mountains in Siberia), and rivers changing their color each season.

Best time to visit: from May to October.

The nearest airports are located in Novosibirsk and Barnaul.

‘Must-see’ places: the Kuraisky Steppe, the Chuisky Steppe, Ukok Plateau, the Valley of the Chulushman River, Lake Teletskoye, Belukha Mountain, Shavlinsky Lakes, Multinskoy Lakes.


Besides the classic destinations connected with the country history and culture, there are two more world-famous sites in Russia – Lake Baikal and the Kamchatka Peninsula.

6. Most Beautiful Places to See in Russia.  Lake Baikal

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Baikal is the deepest lake on the Earth. It is the largest source of fresh water. Baikal’s water is considered to be the cleanest and the most transparent in the world. Even its ice looks like glass. Lake Baikal has endless beauty and natural magic.

Lake Baikal is also the oldest lake in the world. It is approximately 25 million years old. During these years sediments deposited in the lake of up to 8500 meters thick. If the lake level had remained unchanged, its depth could have added up to 8.5 kilometers. It means that Lake Baikal contains the world- highest mountains but they are hidden from human eyes with water and mud.

Best time to visit: it’s better to choose the warmest time from July to August or winter from the second half of February to March.

The nearest airport is located in Irkutsk.

‘Must-see’ places: the ice of Baikal, the Maloe More Strait and Olkhon Island, the Circum-Baikal Railway, the Saint Nose Peninsula, Peschanaya Bay.

7. Most Beautiful Places to See in Russia. The Kamchatka Peninsula

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The Kamchatka Peninsula is a unique place on the planet with nature still intact. There you can see hot volcanoes and ice, rivers and mountains at once. Strong winds always bring new weather to the area.
Kamchatka is a place where you can find ice even in summer. During winter you are able to see lovely glades with green grass near thermal baths and volcanoes.

Kamchatka is famous for its volcanoes that impress people with their intimidating beauty. The largest active volcano in Asia and Europe Klyuchevskaya Sopka is located on the peninsula. If you get lucky, you will be able to witness its eruption.

The volcanoes of Kamchatka are included into UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

Best time to visit: from the second half of July to the middle of September.

The nearest airport is located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

‘Must see’ places: Kurile Lake with bears catching fish, Klyuchevsky Nature Park, Mutnovsky Volcano, Tolbachik Volcano, the Valley of Geysers, the Pacific coast.

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