Videos contain scenes of full contact fighting that recreate medieval battles.

About the mediaeval historic battles “Battle of the Nations”

Think of a movement of reenactors. These are people who are interested in history, who want to experience how people used to live centuries ago. Reenactors carefully recreate all details of clothing and household of bygone eras.

Of course there are plenty of movies that depict various historical events. But they do not allow experiencing the spirit of historical times. That is why re-enactors began recreating historical events from different times in different countries. And from recreating the events to real battles is just one step. And at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries that step was made…

The experience of manufacturing armor and weapons gradually accumulated. The experience of conducting full contact fights that would not lead to serious injuries also accumulated. Usually these fights were part of some historic festival.

At the first World Championship of “Battle of Nations” in 2010, four Slavic countries were presented: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

Over the years that the world championship in historical medieval battle grew but these countries remained the strongest. Today, the number of countries participating in the World Championship is 27.

Indeed, what could be more interesting than taking part in a real battle of knights clad in steel for men around the world? A great advantage of making order of medieval historical events within the world championship is the set of rules that reduce the injury rate among participants in the battle.

The first venue of the World Championship was the Khotinskaya fortress (Ukraine). After that, all the championships were held in historic places in different countries – each year in a new country. Countries that already hosted the World championships: Ukraine, Poland, France, Croatia.

Battle of the Nations

 The first World championship in historical medieval battles “Battle of the Nations” / Khotinskaya fortress / Ukraine

In the summer of 2014 in Croatia (Trogir) the fifth world championship took place. Today the World championship “Battle of the Nations” is the largest and most respected competition in historical medieval battles in the world.

The results of the World championship in historical medieval battles “Battle of the Nations”

Each year the level of the teams participating in the battles is rising. It also increases the entertainment factor of the events.

In 2014, alongside men women also actively participated in the battles.

Below are the results of the battles.

1 vs 1

The first three places in single battles of “Battle of the Nations” among men took Russian men.

The first three places in single battles “Battle of the Nations” among women took Russian women.

5 vs 5

The first two places took teams from Russia, in third place was a team from Belarus.

21 vs 21

This is the most difficult battle, because it is difficult to find 21 warriors for each country.

First place – Russia.

Second place – Ukraine.

Third place – Belarus.

1. Battle of two strongteams – Russia and Poland. 21 vs 21

Poland has a very strong team. It is just a little behind the leaders – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Battles between strong teams are always spectacular. Team Russia is in white (on the right), team Poland – in red (on the left).

Battle of the Nations, Russia vs. Poland, 2014, Official video

2. Battle of two strongteams – Russia No.2 and Ukraine No.1. 5 vs 5

Russian team 2 is in white (on the right), the Ukrainian team 1 is in blue (on the left). Teams of some countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, have a lot of fighters, so the battles of fives are represented by several teams from each country. And their levels are determined by the numbers: No.1 is the strongest team, No.2 is a little weaker, and so on.

Battle of the Nations, Russia 2 – Ukraine 1, 2014, Official video

3. Battle of the team Russia 3 and Poland. 5 vs 5

Team Russia 3 is in white. The video show how the Russian soldiers perform a dance of warriors before the battle. A part of the video was shot from one of the Russian fighters.

Battle of the Nations, Russia 3 – Poland, 2014, Official video

4-5. Battle of the strongest teams of Russia and Ukraine. 21 vs 21

Another battle. A more massive one. Very impressive. Russian team is in white (right), the Ukrainian team is in the blue (left). The Ukrainian team is making an attempt to break in the center, but the Russian team deflects their attack:

Battle of the Nations, Russia – Ukraine, 2014, Video from the stands

Video from a different angle. You can see here that the Ukrainian team is grouped in the center before the start of the battle.

Battle of the Nations, Russia – Ukraine, 2014, Video from the stands

7. Battle between Russia and the United States. 5 vs 5

Frankly speaking, the US team is still very weak. And I personally find it a little bit strange to see the American team in the World championship of “Battle of the Nations”. This is a state that didn’t even exist in the Middle Ages. But somehow the battles between Russia and the United States are the most popular ones.

We think that it would be a little more appropriate to include the fighters from the US to some other team.

The team battle between Russia and the US with 5 fighters each still gives at least some chances to the US team. If you watch the videos of the battles between larger teams, you will see that even the postures of US soldiers there say that they have lost the battle before it began (I think we won’t even show you those videos).

Russian team is in white. An interesting tactic – four fighters move forward to attack the defensive line of the US fighters, and one attacks from the flank.

Battle of the Nations, Russia – USA, 2014, Official video

A characteristic detail –a Russian soldier checks on a defeated enemy, to make sure he’s all right.

8. Video about the strongest team in “Battle of the Nations” – team Russia

And finally, a tribute to the strongest to date team in historical medieval battles –the Russian team.

Of course, it is not easy to become the best, but it is even harder to keep the championship, because the level of the teams at the World championship is growing every year.

Ongoing work by the Russian team to improve on their fighting qualities and respect for the opponent is the foundation of victories by the Russian team that was collected all over Russia.

Good luck, Russian warriors!

9. P.S. How it all began

Video of Russian historical medieval reenactors. The voice over seems a little strange – the German band Rammstein – but the video is impressive (caution, there is blood in the video):

10. P.P.S.

This video will help you to forget a rough previous video.

World championship in medieval historical battles “Battle of the Nations” is still a meeting of reenactors. That is why, besides the actual sports stadia using historical armor and weapons, a lot of attention is paid to the installation of medieval tents, authentic clothing and music. Even parties are designed in medieval style:


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