Interesting features of life in the largest region on the planet.

Life in Siberia is not simple, it’s harsh. Harsh climate, cold in winter and hot in summer, vast distances and permafrost – some of it seems unthinkable for a man. But people still live here. However, without special secrets and peculiarities of the Siberian world order, life in Siberia would not be possible.

1.            Multi-family homes are at high concrete piles to permafrost did not destroy them, and that the heat from the house has not reached the frozen earth, which contains a large amount of frozen water.

2.            In the winter the temperature can drop below -60 degrees Celsius (-76 degrees Fahrenheit). Slightest breeze – and you will get frostbite. To avoid that, people cover themselves in the clothes up to their eyes.

3.            Winter clothing in Siberia is a real art. Fur, cotton and wool are widely used, in particular, multi-layered. There are no short coats here – everything is long and substantial. All parts of the body should be covered.

4.            And if you visit Siberia in winter you should forget about any restrictions in your diet. You will need a lot of calories so that your body was able to fight the cold.

5.            Temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) don’t stop anyone. People feel uncomfortable only at -38 degrees Celsius (-36.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and below.

6.            In winter the cars on the street never turn off their engines, otherwise in the freezing weather you will not be able to restart a car and it will have to wait until spring.

7.            A car is prepared in a special way for Nordic conditions: it is insulated, second layer of windows is installed, heating of diesel fuel is installed, tires are filled with special gasto avoid freezing. Typically, Russian made cars are used, because imported cars often cannot withstand Siberian conditions, especially in the north of Siberia.

8.            Greenery only appears for only three months of the year.

9.            In a short summer you can sunbathe and even get burned.

10.          Siberian distances are expressed in the saying: “1000 miles is not a distance.” It is common in the daily lives of people in Siberia to “drop in” to your friends who live 100-200 kilometers away.

11.          Where it is impossible to drive in the summer due to bad roads, you can drive in winter months using a specially prepared road – winter road.

12.          “Siberian health” – this is the expression used to describe the good health of people who live in Siberia. Because you cannot survive in Siberian climate with poor health.

Photo Swimming in an ice-hole. Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Swimming in an ice-hole. Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

13. There are legends about the endurance of Siberian residents. For example, once, a Siberian man was on the train, and he accidentally fell out. He was wearing a T-shirt and it was freezing -45 degrees Celsius (-49 degrees Fahrenheit) outside. The man ran after the train for 7 km to the nearest station in a T-shirt and rubber slippers. He caught up and didn’t even get sick.

14. Older people tend to move to central Russia, because life in Siberia is too severe for weaker people.

15. In the freezing cold even Russian vodka first thickens, and if frost is strong, vodka freezes up.

16. In order to dig a hole in the permafrost, you may need several days: first, you should make a fire, let the earth thaw a little, remove the top layer of the earth, then make another fire, and so on.

17. The worst thing on the road is if your car breaks down. If it happens in the middle of nowhere, it is a direct threat to your life. But if at least someone will pass by, they will be sure to stop. Without this mutual help life in Siberia would have been impossible.

In reality, Siberia is so huge that is presents very diverse climatic conditions: in some places there are almost no people, and in others the climate is not so severe.

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