The game of Tetris

It’s hard to find a persona who’s never played the game of Tetris.

In 2014 it was 30 years since Tetris game was invented. .

1.            The game of Tetris was created on a Russian computer “Electronika 60”.

2.            The creator of the game was a Soviet programmer Alexey Pazhitnov.

3.            Alexey Pazhitnov worked in the computer center of the Academy of Sciences.

4.            The creator of the game was working on issues of artificial intelligence and speech recognition.

5.            Alexey Pazhitnov created Tetris game when he was 29 years old.

6.            Alexey wrote the game in two weeks.

Video of the original game:

7.            A little later, the game was adapted for the computer IBM PC.

8.            Next, it was adapted for Apple and Commodore computers.

9.            Originally the game of Tetris conquered the USSR and Eastern Europe, and then – the whole world.

10.          The most famous game was created in June of 1984 – more than 30 (!) years ago.

11.          The first version of the game provided the game turn at 90 degrees, but computers of that time didn’t have enough capacity to make that happen.

12.          Alexey removed from each piece one square – only 4 figures were left. Now the program could work!

13.          “Tetris” is derived from the word tetra which in fact means “four.”

14.          The first version of the game, written by Pazhitnov was a program that could change the position of the figures by rotating them 90 degrees with respect to their geometric center.

15.          Immediately after the game gained popularity, all the world’s game manufacturers started a war for the acquisition of rights to the game of Tetris.

16.          The creator of the game only in 1996 was able to start earning royalties from the sale of commercial versions of this super popular game.

17.          Alexey Pazhitnov later has spent more than 10 years working for Microsoft.

18.          Fans of the game have come up with an analogy with life for Tetris. At first, everything is simple and serene; you can even afford to be careless. Gradually, problems accumulate, and you have to pay more attention to them. Later, even one or two mistakes can cost you and the game is over.

Such interesting philosophy.

19.          If you play Tetris over a time period comparable to the lifetime of the universe, then you must eventually get a combination that will lead to a guaranteed loss, regardless of the level of the player or the speed of the game.

20.          Scientists from Oxford have shown that using Tetris game reduces the severity of the consequences associated with serious traumatic memories. That is, now you have an alternative to primitive self-help: instead of drinking your troubles away or binging on sweets, just play some Tetris.

Tetris game on the facade of a building:


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