There were a few games during the Soviet Union era, which every child of the time had a chance to play at least once.

In Soviet times there were no video games and other entertainment. Children used to read books and played a lot of interesting games outdoors in the courtyards of apartment buildings, or in school yards during recess and after school. Some games were just for girls, some – for boys. Some games could be played together.

1. Dodgeball


Perhaps the most popular active game of schoolchildren in Soviet times.

Several kids can play – boys and girls. The game should be played by at least five children, and the children can be of different ages. Two kids are selected who stand at a distance of 7-10 meters apart. They are called bouncers. The rest of the players stand between them.

These two bouncers throw the ball, which should not be too heavy, and try to hit those children that are standing between them. If they hit one of them, that player is eliminated. And so it goes on until every player is knocked out. Note that the children between the bouncers should try to be as close as possible to the line between the two players. Next, the two bouncers are those children who were kicked out first.

It is important that the bouncers did not come close to the center; otherwise the chances of other players to dodge a ball from close range are lower. Usually you draw the lines that bouncers can’t cross.

Other players try to dodge the ball, or to catch it. If you manage to catch the ball, that player receives a “candle” or a “life.” That means, that if he is hit afterwards, he does not leave the field, and the “candle” is burnt. You may catch as many “candles” as you can.

Bouncers try not to give out “candles” by throwing the ball to the feet. But if the ball hit the player in the rebound from the ground, that is not counted, and the player does not get eliminated.

The player, who is left standing, must then withstand as many throws of the ball as many years old the player is. If he survived, then the player wins the game and gets a “candle”, and the game begins anew.

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