These games are very much enjoyed by younger schoolchildren. 

Edible – not Edible

To play “edible – not edible” you need a small group of people and a small ball.

In the center there is a lead with a ball. Around him – the rest of the players. The lead names an object and immediately throws the ball to the player to whom he is addressing. If the object is edible, the player must grab the ball, if the item is not edible, the player must push the ball away or don’t touch the ball at all (as agreed by the players).

If a player behaved correctly, for example to the word “orange” he caught a ball, and to the word “telegraph” the player pushed the ball away, then the lead moves on to another player.

Changing the Lead

If to the word “apple” a player pushed the ball away, then he becomes a lead. If to the word “shoes” a player grabbed the ball, he becomes a lead.

The mistakes of the players cause general enjoyment: “Are you really going to eat that?!”



The game “gardener” is played in junior school or even in elementary school.

First, everyone selects a lead – a gardener. The other players call themselves by the names of flowers, and you get a “flower garden.”

And, of course, players cannot be called the same flower names.

The main objective of players in the game is to watch closely when the flower is named that he chose for himself, and also to remember the names of other flowers “in the garden.”

Gardener starts the game:

“I was born a gardener,

But then got angry,

All flowers bothered me,

But not peony! “(he selects a flower from the “garden”)

“Peony” immediately replies and enters into dialogue with the gardener:

– Oh!

– What’s the matter?

– I’m in Love

– With whom?

– With the tulip! (the player names a flower from the garden)

“Tulip” immediately responds: “Oh!” And the dialogue with the gardener is repeated.

You cannot repeat flower names. You can “fall in love” with the gardener, but only if there are no flowers left in the garden.

If a player cannot remember the name of a flower or that name has already been called, the player becomes a lead – a gardener, and the game begins again.


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