King of the Hill

This game is very popular during winter, and it is played on any hill that is covered with snow and not icy. 

In winter during snow removal from the backyards not all snow is transported away, and some of it is dumped into large drifts. On these drifts boys arrange for real battles that are called the game of the “king of the hill.”

The rules are simple. One of the participants climbs the snow mountain and declares himself the “king of the hill.” The others try to push him off.

And some are not only trying to push him off, but also to get rid of potential rivals on the way to the “king of the hill.”

Whoever took place on the top of the snowdrift loudly proclaims himself the next “king of the hill.”

During the game you can’t hit your opponents or use your feet to fight. You can only push and pull.

If there are a lot of boys, they are divided into two teams, and each of the teams tries to get to the top.  Some players on one team get to the top, while the rest just keep dragging the opponents from getting to the top.

The attack of a small snow mountain is accompanied by funny jokes. Usually there are at least a couple of jokers in a group. At some point the fun sweeps the boys and exhausted from laughing they literally roll in the snow. And then the main joker easily takes the top of the mountain and declares himself the “king of the hill.”

Thread the Needle

Thread the Needle

This game is popular when big groups of people have fun outdoors. 

The more players, the better. Usually the game is accompanied by cheerful music.

Couples, ideally made of people from opposite sex, stand behind each other and raise their clasped hands, in a way that forms a corridor. One of the participants, for example, a young man runs down the corridor and disengages one of the couples by grabbing one member, and forms a new pair at the end of the corridor.

The player that is left without a partner goes to the top of the corridor and runs into it. On his way he disengages one of the couples, creating a new one, and so on.

This fast-paced game creates a feeling that as soon as you raise your hand to a new pair, someone grabs you or another player and so on.

People play the game until they get out of breath. This is a good way to meet new boys and girls.

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