This game is popular among younger schoolchildren.

The game “chains” schoolchildren play alone or it can be organized by their teachers during recess.

Pupils are divided into two teams, approximately equal in strength and in the number of boys and girls.

Teams join hands, thus forming two human chains, and stand opposite each other at a distance of 5-10 meters.

It is important that there were no obstacles around the chains.

One of the “chains” approaches the other one; and when they approach they raise their hands, when they step back they move their hands back as portraying a courtship.

And all the players in the first “chain” say together when approaching:

“Boyars, we came to you.”  

And when they retreat back, they say:  

“Young, we came to you.”

When they stop at their original location, the second chain starts to move:  

“Boyars, and why did you come?”

And they also retreat back:

“Dears, why did you come?”

Again, the first “chain”:

“Boyars, we need a bride!”

“Dears, we need a bride!”

And again, the second “chain”:

“Boyars, and what bride you need?”

  “Dears, what bride you need?”

Again, the first “chain” again:

“Boyars, we need this bride!” (and they point at the selected bride from the opponents)

“Dears, we need this one!”

Again, the second “chain”:

“Boyars, but why do you need her?”

“Dears, why do you need her?”

The first “chain”:

“Boyars, we’ll give her a ginger cookie!”

“Dears, we’ll give her a ginger cookie!”

The second “chain”:

“Boyars, her teeth will ache!”

“Dears, her teeth will ache!”

The first “chain”:

“Boyars, open your gates!”

“Give us the bride forever!”

After these words, the selected player runs up and tries to break the clasped hands of the opponents, aiming at the hand grip between a girl and a boy.

If the bride manages to break the chain, then she takes away one of the players from the other team where she broke the chain.

If the bride couldn’t break the chain, she joins in the other chain in that spot that she couldn’t break.

The bride is chosen by the teams in turns. The game stops when another team has only one player left or the recess in school is over.  

[Boyars in Russia – a narrow circle of influential people constituting the council of the King]

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