Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the most popular games that were played after school or on weekends.

This game can be played absolutely anywhere: on the street, and even at home. This game is interesting because it does not require any special skills or special strength.

First, you select a lead. He turns to the wall or a tree, and starts the counting rhyme:

“One, two, three, four, five, I’m going to seek!

Who is not hidden, it’s not my fault!”

The lead counts slowly to give everyone time to hide. Or he can just count to 20 or 30.

Then the lead very slowly goes around seeking the hidden. If he finds someone, he has to run to the wall where he counted, knock on it and pronounce the name of the player he found.

The objective of the lead – to find hidden players, to come back and knock on the wall, where he counted and say: “Knock-knock Sergei and Lena.”

The objective of the players – to first reach the wall and knock on it: “Knock-knock for myself!”

Last player can get to the wall first and say: “Knock-knock for myself and for all!” This way he as if saves all previously caught players and the lead has to start again. If the last player cannot save everyone, then a lead becomes the player who was caught first. Of course, the players who were already caught/ knocked, knowing where the other players are, will help them verbally. If the lead goes towards a hiding player, they warn the player, so that he didn’t stick out and would not be caught:

“The ax, ax,

Sit like a thief,

And don’t peek into the yard!”

If the lead goes away, and a hidden player gets a real chance to reach the wall first, then they shout:

“Saw, Saw

Fly like an arrow! “

If the lead doesn’t leave the wall to catch any player, they shout:

“Who does not go to the city,

He leads four times! “

A special delight causes a mistake by the lead when he uses the wrong player’s name.

And then the game begins anew with the same lead.

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