This game was popular not only in the USSR, but is still popular today in Russia among schoolchildren and students.

“Crocodile” game hasbeen enjoyed with abandon: in children’s school camps, and at students’ parties, and even during corporate teambuilding events.

It is possible, that the name of the game comes from an attempt to show a crocodile many years ago.

The Rules of the Game “Crocodile”

All players are divided into two teams. The players on one team think of a word. Then this word is reported in confidence to one of the team members from the other team. This member should explain to his team with gestures and facial expressions what word that is, without making a sound.

There is a version of the game when there are no teams. In this case, players select the first player who thinks of a word. That player then chooses the “victim” – a player who will try to explain to all the rest what that word is. The first person to guess the word correctly becomes the new “victim”, and the old “victim” thinks of a new word.

“Victim” can use gestures, facial expressions, walking, jumping, take any pose, and so on.

“Victim” can nod, thus saying “yes” if he wants to encourage the guess of other players, or shake his head from side to side, thus saying “no.”

What “Victim” can’t Do

The main restriction is not to say aloud the hidden word.

You also can’t pronounce the word or parts of the word with your lips, showletters, draw letters or the word and so on.

The Strategy of the “Victim”

The “victim” may explain the word itself, or may explain the word in parts. Often a complicated word can be explained through intermediate words, by gradually leading other players to the desired conclusion.

Sometimes players range far and wide from the desired direction. In this case, the “victim” can start his explanation from the beginning.

Difficult Words

You can use these words in the game: abracadabra, absolute, abstract, compromise, conspiracy, infantilism, consensus, resonate, the Inquisition, innovation, civilization.

Artistic impression and spontaneity of the players often allows explaining and guessingsometimes very difficult and abstract words.

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