Soviet Games - Shtander-Mander

This is a very active and exciting outdoor children’s game. 

There has to be at least 5 people and a ball. One of the guys, the lead, shouts, “Shtander-Mander” and throws the ball up as high as possible. When the ball is in the air, the lead shouts the name of any of the players, for example “Sasha!”

At the moment of throwing the ball all the players scatter around. The named player must catch the ball. If he manages to catch the falling ball with his hands, he throws it up again with full force and shouts the name of another player: “Andrew!” If he catches the ball rebounding off the ground, he simply shouts: “Stop!” At this point, all players must freeze in the spot where they were during the scream. The player with the ball looks around and chooses the player who is closest to him. And he takes three steps towards him….

If players ran far away, then it was allowed to take “giant” steps, i.e. the steps of maximum length. Sometimes a player with the ball put the ball on the ground in the place where he caught the ball, then ran up and made three jumping steps. If the players did not have time to run far away, then by collective demand the player with the ball made miniature steps: he put the foot of one leg next to the other. That is three steps were the length of three feet of the player with the ball. Of course, there was also a version with regular steps.

After that, the player with the ball threw the ball into the selected player. The selected player could dodge the ball but could not get off that spot. If the ball hit the player, he became a lead, if not – then the lead was the player throwing the ball. Everyone got back to the circle and the game was repeated. Interestingly, the boys who were rivals threw the ball into each other with force, but with the girls they barely threw the ball, just lightly.

“Shtander-Mander” is one of the most popular Soviet outdoor games.


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