The girl’s game “Elastics” was not less popular than another girl’s game “peevers.” 

The game was played by three girls or more. Sometimes it was played by two players. In this case, one end of the elastic was put on some kind of support like a post or a chair.

The main and the only accessory of the game is a piece of regular elastic about 3.5-4.5 meters in length, of which the circle is made. This “elastic” is stretched between two girls standing opposite one another. And so, it turns into an impromptu “sports equipment” in the form of two stretched rubber bands at a distance of the shoulder width of the girls, and all kinds of tricks are performed using this rubber band. At the beginning of the game the elastic is stretched at the ankle level of the girls.


Girls jump over the elastic in a specific manner. If one jumper failed to complete an exercise, the turn goes to another girl and so it goes. If all the jumps are completed according to the rules, then the elastic for that person is moved from the ankle level to the knee level and so on. For another player the elastic is returned to the level at which the other player is.

Series of Jumps

In every yard there was its own series of jumps. The girls agreed upon the order in advance. We will only list a few versions: a simple jump over the elastic forward, a jump through the elastic with one leg sideways, a jump through the elastic with two legs. Or more difficult options. For example, to hook the first elastic band with your foot during a jump, and land over the second band. Or to hook the first band with two legs during a jump backwards.


Different kinds of jumps were combined in series. After a girl completed a series of jumps at the ankle level, she moved on to the level where the elastic was stretched at the knee level and so on. Sometimes it was really surprising how high girl could jump! The next complication was narrowing the bands of the elastic. That is, the elastic was stretched not at the shoulder level, but, for example, at the width of 10-15 centimeters – the girls holding the elastic crossed their legs.

There were many different versions of paying this game.


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