This is a very popular game of school children and not only in places where you can’t be active: on the road or even during a boring and not interesting lesson.

The game is played on paper. There are two participants in the game.

The game is to conduct a naval battle – you must “blindly” sink all enemy’s ships.

Preparing for the Game

Each of the participants draws on a checkered piece of paper (or squares are drawn by hand) two boxes of 10 by 10 cells.

Horizontally you write numbers from 1 to 10. Vertically – letters from A to J.

The first box is for your own ships. The second box – to attack enemy ships.

Then secretly from your opponent you fill out the first box. You need to have 4 small ships of 1 cell each – “single-decker”, 3 ships of two cells – “double-decker”, 2 ships of 3 cells – “triple-decker”, and 1 ship of 4 cells – “four-decker” or the flagship.

All ships should only be in straight line.

Between ships there should always be a gap – of one cell or more, that is the ships cannot be placed next to each other. But you can draw ships close to the borders of the box or in the corners of your box.

Usually players begin placing their ships from larger to smaller: otherwise it may happen that the flagship will have no place to be put, and you will have to start from scratch.

The Game

One player starts the game and calls the cell number, for example “A5”.

The second player looks at his boxes. If the “shot” did not hit a ship, he says: “No!”, and the first player draws in that cell in his second box a dot. If the “shot” hits a ship, then if a ship is a single-decker, the second player says, “Sunk!”

If it is a double-decker, three-decker or a flagship, then the second player says: “Wounded!”

The first player, if he hit a ship, continues to “shoot.” If the first player misses the next shot, then the turn passes to the second player.

After a ship is sunk, in all the cells around it you place dots, to make sure you don’t hit those cells again.

The game goes on until one of the players sunk all enemy’s ships.


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