This game was very popular with the boys during recess is school.

“Cavalry” or “horsemen” were played during recess. The number of participants had to be even: four, six and so on.

Participants were divided into pairs. One of the players, the one that was stronger, became a “horse”, the second one – a “rider” – sat on the back of the “horse.”

“Cavalries” faced each other, trying to push the enemy rider off.

“Horses” were forbidden to kick, but they were allowed to push and shove. “Horses” held with their arms the legs of “riders” to make sure that “rider” hands were free to fight. “Rider” could grab another “rider” – and “horse” tried to run away to overthrow the enemy.

“Horse” did not only hold its “rider” by the legs, but also had to let go of the legs at the right time so that the rider would not get injured.

“Riders” were forbidden to hit other “riders”. They could only push or pull.

Typically, the “horse” and the “rider” were friends, because a coordinated team could not only win, but also stay safe.

The tactic of “horses” was to push the enemy, or vice versa, coordinating with the “rider” to catch the enemy and topple him in a backward motion.

The tactic of countering the situation when someone caught the “rider” meant that the “horse” started spinning in place or around the enemy, thus turning the enemy from an attacker into a defender.

“Cavalry” on Water

Cavalry on Water

If you managed to collect enough people to play the “cavalry”, the game was held in the water. The “horses” usually went into the water waist deep.

In this case, the tactic of “riders” became a priority, because a “horse” could not quickly and actively move in the water.

Of course, falling into the water is a lot more enjoyable, but also to hold a “rider” on a wet slippery back is more difficult for “horses”.

During a family vacation “horses” were often played by the parents of the children.

With all the fun that this game brings, the players never forgot that it could be stopped at any time by a shout to avoid injuries.


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