knives on the bench

This is another version of a pickup game with a knife, and it’s also called “knives.”

Version 1 – “Knives” on the Bench

The game is usually played by two boys. Kids could play this game for hours, exchanging stories and anecdotes while playing.

For the game you need a wooden bench with a flat seat without a backrest. And this bench was usually chosen out of sight of adults.

First of all, games with knives were not encouraged by adults.

And secondly, damaging of benches was discouraged too.

You also needed a folding knife.

The Game

Players sat facing each other at the ends of the bench. The knife was opened at right angle.

The knife was lightly stuck into the bench. Then you had to sharply hook the knife by the handle with your finger or fingers, and after a brief flight it had to stick into the bench again.

If it didn’t stick – 0 points. If it stuck and touched the bench with a handle – 15 points. If the handle is not touching the bench (a finger passes under the grip) – 30 points, if stuck with a blade and a handle tilted from the player – 50 points.

The turn was passed to another player if the knife didn’t get stuck. The points were added up.

Version 2 – “Knives” on the Ground

In this second version of the game there could be several players.

In this case, the knife was completely straight, and was thrown by the boys in a variety of ways in a certain order. If the knife didn’t get stuck in the ground, the turn was passed to another player.

A Possible Order

On every playground there was a special order and the name for each throw.

For example, the first type of throw was to take the knife by the blade and throw it into the ground, so it made ​​one turn in the air and got stuck into the ground.

The second type of throw – “from the knee.” The knife edge was placed on the knee, and the player had to stick it into the ground with one turn of the knife in the air.

The next – “from the foot.” The knife was placed on a raised foot, and the player had with one movement to stick it into the ground with the one turn in the air.

And so on.

In the end with one movement you had to stick the knife into the ground from your forehead.

Despite the seeming danger, there were virtually no injuries because the knife flew from the player, and the edge of it had long been dulled during many games.


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