With the onset of winter schoolchildren have a lot more opportunities to play.


First wet snow is very moldable. School kids got excited to make snowballs and arrangedreal battles. They didn’t throw snowballs in faces. The goal was not to hit with a snowball, but rather get someone covered with snow.


фото-фотобанк Лори



In the playgrounds kids built snowmen. From a small lump of snow by rolling it around they got a huge ball of snow.

A snowman was built from three snow balls. The bottom of a snowman was made ​​of such a big snowball that it was impossible to roll anymore for it was too heavy. The torso of a snowman was built with a snowball of a smaller size – so it could be placed on the lower ball. The third ball was even smaller – it was a head.

The head was decorated with a carrot or a stick – it was a nose, and eyes and mouth were made ​​from sticks too. Often oh the head placed an old bucket. Also from sticks made snowman’s arms.

Snow House

Construction itching was usually not limited to building a snowman.

Somewhere in a secluded spot from snow bricks kids built a real house. A roof was made ​​of branches that were also covered with snow.

If the house was built during a thaw, and then the cold came, then the house could remain standing until the spring.

Snow Caves

Sometimes boys directed their efforts to building snow caves. They chose a slope or a wallthat had a lot of snow piled up around them. And in that snow they dug a cave.

Ice Rinks and Slides

Of course, kids could not do without ice skating. During Soviet times, every backyard had an ice rink. Usually a rink was poured from a hose in the evening. If the night was cold, then the next day after school hours the skating rink was ready.

Besides the usual skating, kids arranged real hockey battles on rinks.

In the vicinity of the house you could always find a hill to do sledding on.

Sometimes those hills were also poured with water to make ice slides. On such slides the kids used “ledyanka” – a metal or plastic arched disk with comfortable handles.

Winter offered real fun and playing opportunities to kids! 


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