the Soviet Game of Tags

Game of Tags is a very popular game both at school, and in backyards.

To play tags you need at least 5 people. And the more players there are – the better. To be “tags” were chosen those players who had more endurance.

The Territory of the Game

First, the players agree on the territory of the game. For example, not to run outside of the large hall in the school. On the street the territory of the game was usually designated by notable items: flowerbeds, trees, yard football field and so on.

Dividing into Teams

Dividing players into teams is not as easy as it seems. Of course, the team of “tags” had to be smaller than the team of other players, otherwise the game will end immediately.

Ideally, they tried to look at how active the players are in selected teams. For example, when 7 school kids are playing, 2 or 3 of them may be “tags”, and the rest – the usual players.

The Game

The objective of “tags” is to tag or touch all other participants. You can touch any part of the body. It is the rule that if you only touched the clothes, and the player did not feel the touch, it would not count. If “tags” tagged all other players – they win. And then a new team of tags is chosen.

A player, who was touched by a “tag”, has to stop in his place, throw his hands to the sides and shout: “Tea, tea, save me!” (In Russian – “Chai, chai, viruchai!”)

Any other player, except for a “tag” can touch a tagged player and thus save him, thereby instantly returning him back into the game.

“Tags” try to make sure that tagged players are not being saved, or they will have to start from scratch.

It plays well, if the rate of tagging and the rate of saving players are approximately the same. Then the game becomes really interesting: a battle of equal teams. With such teams, only after about twenty minutes of running around the endurance of one of the teams will ensure its victory if tags are more resilient, or to bring the game to a draw, if the regular team has more endurance.


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