This very popular boy’s game appeared for a very short time – in the 1990s. 

To play the game of “sticks” or “cans” you need at least 3 boys.

Preparing for the Game

On the pavement in a secluded corner using chalk a column was drawn.

In each cell of the column was written a military rank, ascending from “soldier” to “field marshal”.

A few meters away from the table on the side of “Field Marshal” in a drawn up box was put an empty can. Sometimes the can was put on two small bricks.

Each player was armed with a stick.

The Game

After determining the order of play, players threw sticks in a can trying to knock it off. And they had to stand before the table. If they could move the can outside of its box, that player got his first title – “soldier”, and so on. If the can fell within the box or on the line, the throw did not count. If the stick shifted the bricks outside of the box or on the line, the lead was changed.

Then the next player threw a stick and so on. Every time the lead put the cans in place.

When everyone threw sticks, they had to pick them up. But the lead did not allow that. As soon as someone took a stick in their hand, the lead could touch him with a stick and hit the can. And then the lead was changed. You could not touch a player without the stick. And without the can as well. It was not an easy task – because all players tried to distract the lead, take a stick and knock away the can so that everyone could get back behind the start line.

You could grab the stick and knock the can faster than the lead – then the lead had to first put the can, and only then start hunting for players trying to pick up their sticks.

If during a throw the can flew far away, then the players could grab their sticks until the lead didn’t come back. Then throws continue in turn until all the sticks are not thrown.

It was considered good form not just to grab a stick and run over the line, but to help your friends to take their sticks by distracting the lead.


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