Pioneer Ball

These ball games were very common among schoolchildren, and the game of “potato” was a favorite, while “pioneer ball” was the official game.

For both games you need at least 5-6 players and a volley ball.


Players stand in a circle and begin to play volleyball, throwing the ball to each other. If the ball flies high, you usually hit it with both hands. If low – then with clasped hands.

At some point, the ball flies off to the side. And the player who last touched the ball has to sit in the middle of the circle squatted or simply on the ground. The game continues until there are three players left standing in a circle.

Then they begin to “hill” potatoes. That is one of the players at one point does not throw away the ball but hits it by directing it into the circle of seated players.

If someone got hit, that player or a few players stand out of the circle (a bounce off the ground does not count). If no one got hit, then if there are only two people left standing, then the player who missed, sits in a circle, and all the rest get up and leave. Whoever is the last one standing gets a “star.”

“Potatoes” can try and catch the flying ball. If the ball is caught, the person who caught it gets a “star” and all the “potatoes” come out of the circle and are replaced by the player who last touched the ball. “Potatoes” can stretch their hands out but cannot get up. “Potatoes” can jump, but not by standing up.

The player uses a “star” in order not to sit in a circle if that player loses the ball.

Pioneer Ball

It’s an analogue of the volleyball for those who can’t slam the ball.

In this game volleyball playground and accessories are used. Rules are similar to volleyball with one crucial difference: the ball is not slammed, but caught and thrown over the net or to your teammate.

You are allowed to take no more than 3 steps towards the net with the ball. Only one pass is allowed within a team.

Usually players try to throw the ball to a sector that is empty.

If the opposing team lost the ball, the other team gets a point. The game goes on until one team scores 15 points.


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