These two games are very popular with the younger school kids. .

The Ring

All players are arranged in a row, sitting on a long bench or something else.

One of the players, the lead, stands in front of them.

All players put their palms together in front of them. The lead has a ring in between his palms. If there is no ring, it could be any small object, even a small stone.

The lead comes up to each player and pretends that he puts the ring in their folded palms. And only to one player he gives the ring for real. It is important that other players didn’t know who has the ring.

Then the lead steps back and says: “Ring, come out to the porch!”

Whoever has the ring should jump up. The others will try to guess who has the ring and hold that person (you are not allowed to hold people in advance).

If a player who has the ring managed to jump up, he becomes the new lead. If not, the player returns the ring to the current lead and everything is repeated.

The Sea Runs High

The Sea Runs High

This is a very popular and fun game that allows students to show their imagination.

You should select a lead. He turns away from the rest of the players and says this counting rhyme:

“The sea runs high once,

The sea runs high twice,

The sea runs high three times,

Marine figure – Freeze! “

When he begins saying the rhyme, all players start circling and creatingwith their poses, hands and facial expressions the most unbelievable figures, as if they are strange sea creatures, or anything living or non-living thing associated with the sea.

When the lead says “Freeze!” everyone should stop in the same position they had when they heard the word.

Frozen figures usually look quite hilarious.

The lead, laughing, walks among frozen figures, and then makes a decision and selects the most ridiculous figure. That player becomes the new lead and the game is repeated.

As an alternative, the last line in the counting rhyme can be changed to something like: “FISH figure – freeze!” or “CRAB figure – freeze!” And the players should manage to portray this figure until the lead turns around.

This game creates very funny figures!

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