These two games were often played during children’s parties.

Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind man’s bluff is usually played in a large spacious room or outside in a flat playground.

During the game, a lead is chosen, whose eyes get covered with a scarf or a handkerchief to make sure he cannot peak.

Then the lead is spinned around and let go. The lead, while stretching his hands to the sides, tries to catch someone or touch (this is agreed upon in the beginning of the game). The other players are trying to run away from the lead. It is important not to say anything and not to laugh out loud, because it might allow the lead to know if someone is near him.

It is allowed to clap, to ring bells, which in this case should be available to all, and to blow whistles.

If the lead caught a player, he must determine by touching who the player is. If he succeeds, then the player who got caught becomes the new lead, and if he is mistaken, then the lead remains the same.


In the beginning of the game some important object gets hidden in a place where the party is held. If the party is a kid’s birthday party, then this could be a gift. Or this “object” could be a living person. For example, during the celebration of the New Year people hide the Snow White (granddaughter of Santa Claus)from Santa Claus. And with the help of children Santa Claus finds his granddaughter.

Sometimes people hide a souvenir, which must be found by a lead.

This is how it is played: all the children are either screaming “hot” when the lead gets closer to the subject, or “cold” when he go away from it. Of course, to show the degree of proximity by the lead to the object, people don’t immediately say “hot.” They usually say: “Warm, warmer, much warmer, very warm, hot, on fire!”, or this: “Cold, colder, very cold, freezing!”

For older kids there is version of the “hot-cold” game when a lead should find not an object, but to perform a certain action. For example, something as simple as opening a window. Or a more complex one: write with a pencil in a notebook.


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