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Some Russian names were products of their time. Today those funny Russian names evoke a smile. But their contemporaries are also not far behind…

1.            Dazdraperma is a woman’s name derived from abbreviating the slogan “Long live May Day!” (First of May – Labor Day – was a holiday during USSR times).

2.            Dazdranagon is a woman’s name derived from abbreviating the slogan “Long live the people of Honduras!”We wonderwhat Honduras has to do with it.

3.            Traktor – a man’s name. It’s simple – tractor and that’s all. We wonder – is there a name “gear”? By the way, the name Traktor somehow became popular in Germany.

4.            Iskra – a woman’s name. It was invented in honor of the revolutionary newspaper published by the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. Yes, yes, this is the same spark that would kindle a flame.

5.            Vaterpezhekosma –a female name. It is derived from nothing less but abbreviating the phrase “Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman-cosmonaut.” Perhaps this is the most difficult to pronounce name among cool Russian names.

6.            Kukutsapol – another female name. Itsorigin is not at all Indian, as it may seem. At one point, the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had a saying: “Corn is a queen of the fields.” This abbreviated slogan became a new name.

7.            Avanchel – short for Avant-guard of Humanity.

8.            Diktatura (dictatorship) – a woman’s name. At some point in history there was the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, in whose honor this name was created. Interestingly, the official form of government – a dictatorship – in the USSR was only abolished in 1961.

9.            Ideya – a woman’s name. I always knew that “Idea came” was not just a phrase.

10.          Uryurvkos – it is short for “Hooray, Yura is in space.” Yura is Yuri Gagarin who opened a new era in the history of mankind and completed the first manned flight into space.

11.          Luna (moon) – a female name. In honor of the Earth’s satellite.

12.          Raketa (rocket) – a female name.

13.          Energiya (energy) – a female name. It sounds quite beautiful.

Poor modern kids:

14.          Zolushka (Cinderella) – a female name. Whether parents are preparing a girl for a hard life like a fairytale character Cinderella, or they are hoping that she will catch good luck like her namesake.

15.          Rossiya (Russia) – a woman’s name. Indeed, how else can you name a girl if she was born on July 12 (Independence Day of Russia)?

16.          BOCH pVF 260602 – this is also a … name. This gibberish stands for: Biological Object Human of the clan of Voronin-Frolov, who was born on June 26, 2002. Poor kid.

17.          Login –a male name. It’s simple – login. Maybe soon he will have a brother Password.

18.          Olimpiada (Olympics) – a female name. Of course, the Olympic Games are very special. In Russia, the Olympic Games were only held twice, in 1980 and in 2014. Apparently some parents are very impressionable people.

19.          Gospodin (mister) – a male name. Make sure he is respected – the name Gospodin and any last name.

20.          Mir (peace) – a very good name. The person will have a hard time living with it, but the name is nice.

21.          Tsvetochek (flower) – a female name. What were the parents thinking? It’s just an affectionate nickname.

22.          Solnyshko (sun) – a female name. Same story.

23.          Tsezar (Caesar) – some parents remembered ancient Rome and the Emperor.

24.          Mark Aurelius – since we already have Caesar, why not add Mark-Aurelius?

25.          Kosmos (space) – this name seems normal after all of the above.

26.          India – a female name. Parents are obviously fans of this Asian country.

27.          Vishnya (cherry) – a female name. But why?

And the most surprising of all Russian names:

28.          Viagra – a female name in honor of the pop group with the same name. Yes, yes, this is the Viagra. Parents, who named the girl, obviously are doing fine in that department, or vice versa – they are grateful to the drug for help.

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