In Russia there are several most loved holidays.

Life in Russia is not only a routine of everyday life and the changing seasons. It is also noisy holidays that are celebrated loudly, excitedly, and in a big way. Some of them are loved by almost everyone. They are eagerly anticipated and celebrated by the entire country.

New Years

Of course, the honorable first place on the list of the most favorite Russian holidays belongs to the New Year’s Eve. More than half of Russian citizens believe that it is the most important holiday, the most anticipated and most enjoyable. And it is not surprising, because New Year’s–is a new beginning, a new start for each and every one. To the chime of bells on New Year’s Eve everyone makes their dearest wishes and sincerely believes that they would come true. But most of all New Year’s is appreciated because it is a family oriented and friendly holiday that gathers at a table people of all generations. An important reason why Russians are particularly fond of New Year’s Eve is that they are given a lot of days off – a kind of mini-vacation.

Victory Day

On this day the spirit of patriotism is revived and pride for your country is awakened in every heart. Most of Russians believe that thanks to the Great Victory they even have an opportunity to celebrate all the other holidays, so this important holiday is loved and always cherished.

Easter and Christmas


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These holidays took the third and fourth place on the list. For Orthodox Russians the importance of these holidays is obvious. Easter is a celebration of rebirth, the triumph of life over death, and Christmas –is the purest day, when Christ appeared on earth. These holidays give people peace and spiritual harmony. 

International Women’s Day

This is a holiday when every man aspires to be useful to his lady and to all his female friends, buys women flowers and shows special care. In addition, this day is also the beginning of spring.

Interestingly, on the Day of the defender of the Fatherland traditionally all men are celebrated, including boys – this is a kind of “Men’s Day”.


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