Russian Boy’s Names

Choosing a name for a boy in Russia has always been approached responsibly and seriously. For every boy his parents try to choose a beautiful name with a deep meaning.

For a long time children have been named in accordance with the church calendar of holidays and days of remembrance of the saints. By the beginning of the 20thcentury, the choice of names for boys no longer strictly depended on Orthodox traditions, and some parents started experimenting with the selection of names for their sons. Bold decisions with regards to naming boys are taken nowadays as well.

Most of the boy’s names on the list are traditional Orthodox names.

1.      Alexander

Today, the most popular Russian man’s name is Alexander. The roots of this name are Greek, and it translates as “defender”.

2.      Artem

This name is almost as popular as Alexander. The name also has Greek roots, and it translates as “safe.” It is a nice sounding and bright name that sounds well against common Russian middle and last names.

3.      Maxim

This name has become much more popular recently. It has a Latin origin and translates as “the greatest, the grandest.” In Russia it was already popular in the 19thcentury, then became forgotten, and became actively used again in the mid-1970s.

4.      Ivan

Ivan is another Russian boy’s name, which in recent years has become very widespread. The name has Jewish roots, and it means “pardoned by God.” The name Ivan is firmly associated with native Russian roots and creates a strong and livelyimpression.

5.      Mikhail

This name also has Jewish roots, and means “Who is like God?” Young boys named Michael are called differently: Misha, Mishanya, Mishulya, Mishutka, etc.

Some of other popular Russian boy’s names are Danila, Dmitry, Andrei, Nikita.

The role of a man’s name in the Russian society can hardly be overestimated, so the name for a boy is often chosen in line with the established traditions.


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