Russian girl’s name

Russian women’s names represent a reflection of the national character, its strength and tenderness, emotions and traditions. They sound great and have deep meanings.

Historically, women’s names were less diverse and original than men’s. Choosing a girl’s name was approached not as responsibly as choosing a name for a boy. This is explained by the fact that from olden times the social status of a woman was lower than that of a man. But in the beginning of the 20thcentury, when it was allowed to choose a child’s name independently of church traditions, the range of female names has expanded significantly. Although, the core list of the names remained intact.

1.      Sofia

Today, the top of the list of the most popular Russian girl’snames belongs to Sofia. This name has Greek roots and means “wisdom.” The name has a powerful energy, combining tranquility and activity.

2.      Maria

This name is perceived as a native Russian, traditional, although it is widespread around the world. The roots of the name are Jewish, but the form – “Maria” is Greek. In different interpretations the name is translated as “lady”, “sad”, “loved”.

3.      Anastasia

This is a very common today Russian girl’s name. It regained its popularity just a few decades ago, and before that had not been used for a very long time. Anastasia means “returning to life”. The name has Greek roots.

4.      Daria

This name is of Persian origin. In the old days it was common and still today it hasn’t lost its popularity due to its sonority and power. Daria means “winner.”

5.      Anna

This name with Jewish roots is also not losing its positions on the list of popular girl’s names. It means “divine grace.” This name was already mentioned in the Old Testament. Today the name Anna in different variations is found in 90 countries around the world.

Also on the list of popular names are Elizaveta, Victoria, Polina, Ekaterina.


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