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A phenomenal Russian musical project Tatu has been around for about 10 years. The duo of two young girls Elena Katina and Yulia Volkova became popular at once. A legend of their relationship, invented by their producer Ivan Shapovalov and scandalous image of the singers made Tatu the leaders of the charts in many countries.

1.     All The Things She Said –  “I have gone mad”

Their debut single “All The Things She Said” brought the Russian band to the top of the charts of Russian radio stations. The lyrics were written by Elena Kiper, a journalist and co-producer of the band. The music and arrangements were created by Ivan Shapovalov and Sergey Galoyan. All together under the umbrella of “All The Things She Said” the band has the original version of the song, 4 remixed versions and 2 videos. The official video for the song “All The Things She Said” was shot in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The main storyline of the song – a love between two young girls that could not be accepted by society. Both the song, and the image of the duo were met with mixed feelings in Russia, but it didn’t hurt the popularity of the band.

2. Not gonna get us

In the story of the music video for the song “Not Gonna Get Us”, the singers appear as prisoners. When running away, the girls steal a truck. The song was included in the band’s debut album, entitled “200 head-on.” English version of the song in 2003 topped European, American and Japanese music charts.

3. All about us

The song was included in the second English language album from Tatu entitled “Dangerous and moving.” The single was created by Australian singers Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, together with William Steinberg. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles and edited in two versions. Some gestures and some scenes were cut from one of the versions, because the video was intended to be broadcast on television. But we’re giving you the uncensored version:

4. 30 minutes

The song was written in two languages ​​- Russian and English, and was included in the debut album by Tatu. It is also known under the title “Half hour.” The music video, which was filmed for the English language version, was directed by Ivan Shapovalov.

5. Don’t believe, don’t fear, don’t ask

In 2003, at the Eurovision competition in Latvia duet Tatu won the third place, performing the song “Don’t believe, don’t fear, don’t ask.” Besides the original version of the song 10 official remixes were recorded.


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