Amazing Russian nature has always found its admirers in the face of the best Russian artists.

Best Russian landscape painters in our short collection of works by Russian artists.

Alexei Savrasov “Rooks Have Returned”

“Without air, landscape is not a landscape!”

A. Savrasov

Alexei Savrasov, one of the biggest Russian landscape painters, for a long time has only been known as the author of the painting “Rooks have returned.”

“Outskirts of a provincial town, an old church, a rickety fence, melting snow, and in the foreground – a few birch trees, on which sit rooks that had just returned – that’s it … What simplicity! But behind this simplicity you feel soft, good soul of the artist …”

I. Levitan

Everything in the painting seems unimportant but extremely truthful and … familiar. After all, such a landscape was native to the artist. And this was the talent of Savrasov – to paint a landscape so that in a conventional painting appeared some “consonance”, as if a soul of the landscape.

And the apparent spring desolation – is just the beginning of a powerful coming of spring and the new revival of the world. Many good artists are able to create an excellent, bright landscape painting with powerful strokes of spring. But to convey the force of spring using only minor strokes only Savrasov could do.

Alexei Savrasov - Rooks have returned, oil on canvas (1871)

Rooks have returned, oil on canvas (1871)

The “Wanderers” initially did not appreciate the painting “Rooks have returned”, because it didn’t have the struggle common in those years.

“What paintings do they need? After all … this is a prayer.”

L. Kamenev

But then the picture has become well-known. Indeed, it contains a deep, even spiritual understanding native Russian nature. Pavel Tretyakov (the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery) immediately bought the painting, beating to it the Empress herself.

Ivan Aivazovsky “The Ninth Wave”

Ivan Aivazovsky, the famous seascape painter became famous after his painting “The Ninth Wave.”

Ivan Aivazovsky himself was in a terrible storm. It was only by chance that his boat got safely back to the harbor.

But in Aivazovsky paintings you see not only the raging elements. The theme itself – a storm – was chosen by Aivazovskynot by chance. After all, those were the years in Europe with a wave of bourgeois revolutions. Will Europe survive such a storm?

The painting amazes you. Before us is a piece of the mast, and over it you see people piled up. It is the morning, and it seems that the worst is over. But, as the title of the painting implies, “The Ninth Wave” is coming, which according to a legend is the most powerful and destructive. And in front of it are tiny people. But the fact that they are together, and warm colors of the painting give hope that this time too, the people will be able to survive the next “ninth wave.”

Ivan Aivazovsky - The ninth wave, oil on canvas (1850)

The ninth wave, oil on canvas (1850)

People-chips, terrible and beautiful elements of nature, friendship and … hope. This particular combination for many years has been attracting the attention of the audience to this painting.

Ivan Shishkin “Morning in a Pine Forest”

Works of the Russian painter Ivan Shishkin, dedicated to Russian nature, are epic and majestic. A special place among them belongs to the painting “Morning in a Pine Forest”, which is loved by young and old in Russia as well as abroad.

The artist uses “cutting” of the trees by the edges of a relatively large painting to achieve a sensation for the audience of being there in that pine forest. Indeed, the painting is as if inviting you into the forest, creating an indescribable experience: a little bit more, and you can feel the smell of sun-warmed pine needles …

Ivan Shishkin - Morning in a pine forest, oil on canvas (1889)

Morning in a pine forest, oil on canvas (1889)

Shishkin was afraid to ruin the painting so he invited the artist Konstantin Savitsky to paint the bears that he conceived. According to a legend, Petr Tretyakov demanded to remove Savitsky signature from the painting he bought and leave only the signature of Shishkin. According to another version Savitsky received a quarter of the painting’s sale price for painting the bears and he had to put his signature on the painting but later removed it abandoning his copyright. According to a third version Savitsky was offended by Shishkin, refused to accept his fee and wiped his signature off the painting.

Either way the bears by Savitsky enliven the pine forest by Shishkin, and together they create an unparalleled experience.

3 wonderful landscape paintings by Ivan Shishkin

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