Rap emerged in Russia in the 1980s. However, in the beginning it was just an attempt to emulate American rap bands, the information of which was getting to the USSR. Older people, especially those with rather conservative views, were on the fence about rap songs in Russian culture. However, since this music genre is geared more toward the youth, the criticism did not stall its development, but rather helped to increase its popularity.

Malchishnik “Nonstop sex”


The rap song “Nonstop sex” appeared in the 1990s and became an instant hit in Russia. Its authors – the band members Andrei Lysov (Dolphin) and Pavel Galkin (Mutabor). The release of the song on television created a wave of criticism and caused a scandal followed by the dismissal of the chief editor of the TV show “50 to 50”. However, the song remained the hallmark of the band Malchishnik and a popular hit of the nineties.

Bogdan Titomir “Do as I do”

The song “Do as I do” made the singer Bogdan Titomir known as a solo performer of Russian rap songs. After leaving the music band Carmen in the early nineties he was searching for his own style. It is believed that the lyrics of the song “Do as I do” were created by German Vitke.

Basta and the band Centr “City of roads”

The song “City of roads” can be considered one of the “lighter” songs on the album “Swings”. This song is about Moscow. In 2008, the TV channel MTV Russiaawarded the performers of this song as the Best Hip Hop Project.

Bad Balance “Original style”

Both the song and the album “Seven do not wait for one” were written in the late eighties. But they were released only 20 years later due to fierce Soviet censorship. For many years, the band Bad Balance remained the trendsetterin Russian hip-hop.

Detsl “Who? You”

The song “Who? You” is from the eponymous album of the young rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Detsl). The album has sold a million copies and got the award “Record.”

Djigan “Let me go”

The real name of the singer Djigan is Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein. The singer became popular in 2009. Djigan writes and performs his own songs. For the song “Let me go”, performed in a duet with Yulia Savicheva, the singer received a prestigious Russian music award “Golden gramophone”.

UPD 2017 #1

Markul feat Oxxxymiron – FATA MORGANA

UPD 2017 #2

Rem Digga feat ONYX – give it up

UPD 2017 #3

Miyagi, Ehndshpil Ft. Rem Digga – I Got Love


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