Russin Apple Buns

Fresh vegetables, greens, fruits and berries –this is the basis of Russian summer cuisine. Plus – river and lake fish cooked immediately after it was caught. And, of course, kvass – a very refreshing drink of our ancestors, without which it is impossible to imaginea Russian summer.

1. Okroshka

This liquid entree is always served cold. In its base is kvass, vegetables (cucumbers, green onions, boiled potatoes), eggs and minced meat. Dressing for okroshka is usually sour cream, mixed with mustard, horseradish and spices.

2. Beetroot Soup

Another cold soup is prepared similarly to okroshka, but in its basis together with kvass there’s also a beet broth and boiled beets. Most often young beetroot is used, together with tops. Also, to the beetroot soup you add cucumber, dill, celery, boiled egg and sour cream.

3. Fish in Sour Cream

It is especially in the summer when you catch lots of river and lake fish. It is prepared immediately, when it’s fresh. It’s lightly fried, then stewed or baked in sour cream. For such a method of cooking any kind of fish is suitable. Usually – perches, carp or young pike. Fried carp in sour cream has been a popular dish in Russia since at least the 9th century.

4. Apple Buns

The filling of true Russian buns is always cooked. But apples, especially in the summer are the exception to the rule. Apples can be put into buns and pies fresh, without thermal pretreatment. Most suitable for this are sour and sweet-and-sour varieties (antonovka, anisovka and others). Apples are peeled, cut into slices and sprinkled with sugar or honey.

5. Russian Kvass

In the old days kvass used to be made using rye malt and fragrant herbs or juices. Later dry bread was used. Kvass is a refreshing soft drink tonic. It is known that it has been made at least since the 11th century.

6. Mors

Mors drink appeared in Russia later than kvass, but became popular everywhere. It is a fruit infusion drink made of berry juice (cranberries, cowberries, blackberries, raspberries), diluted with water and sweetened with honey or sugar.


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