In different cities of Russia there are numerous festivals and events, some of which have become widely known.

1. Dance Music Festival A-ZOV

For the first time fans of dance and extreme sports gathered at the banner bank Dolgaya on the Azov Sea in the summer of 2011. The festival is held annually, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors. The festival includes performances by renowned DJs and demonstration stunts by masters of extreme sports.

2. A Festival for Bards – Grushinskiy Festival

This is one of the oldest festivals that take place on the territory of Russia. It was first held in 1968. Many fans of bard music love to immerse into the atmosphere of a romantic hike with a fire and guitar songs.

The venue for the festival – Fedorov meadows near Samara. The festival is named after Valery Grushin, who died saving drowning children.

3. Circus Festival “Under the Dome of the Sky”

This is a festival of amateur circus troupes and it presents circus as true art. This festival isa unique show that marries theater, circus and the art of illusion. Jugglers, acrobats, animal trainers and other artists demonstrate the miracle of their craft. Every year, the festival is held in a different Russian city.

4. Go Back to Your Childhood with the Festival “Wet T-Shirts”

In June St. Petersburg gathers lovers of water that engage in a water guns battle. Everyone can participate in this exciting event.

5. Rock Festival “Invasion”

Music Group Slot

Music Group “Slot”

The festival is considered one of the biggest rock festivals in Russia. The festival moves from one large field to another, constructing giant stages with the most modern equipment, and it features many famous Russian rock bands. The festival has a true atmosphere of drive.

6. Folk Music Festival “Soul of Russia”

The festival is held annually in different locations of rural Russia. Russian songs of this festival inspire thousands of people. Among the participants of the festival are both amateur and professional folk ensembles.

7. “Helga” –the Festival of Historical Reconstruction

During the festival there is a costumed reconstruction of the events of the early Middle Ages on the territory of Russia, including the reign of Princess Olga.It is a bright, exciting event that is held in the Pskov region, and it would certainly appeal to fans of history and folklore.

To get to know Russia better and better understand its culture, make sure to visit one of these festivals.


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