Russians are quite sincere people. With many Russian after just a brief acquaintance you can discuss any subject. Almost any.

Russians, as well as people from other countries, are all very different people. Different nationalities, religious believes, as well as outlook on life and features of character. But there are common topics that should not be discussed in a conversation with a Russian.


You can approve or disapprove of the internal or foreign policy of Russia. This is your business.

However, Russians don’t like it when someone discusses Russia’s politics. And it doesn’t even matter if your views are the same – it is still perceived as interference in internal affairs.

Russians though allow themselves to criticize aspects of Russian political life. But Russians but do not expect you to express your opinion.

Careful Use of the Terms and Concepts Common in the Western Countries

We live in the era of PR. So you may be surprised to find out that your views and the views of Russians on the same event can be polar opposite.

For example, a random mention that the United States had won the World War II may cause a misunderstanding as the best case scenario, because Russians from a young age are very well aware of the quantity and combat capability of the fascist divisions on the Eastern ( Russian ) front and on other fronts altogether, as well as of the number of completely destroyed fascist divisions on the Russian front (all other fronts altogether made ​​an important contribution to the victory, but much smaller) .

Criticism of Russian Realities

Russian may not like something in their lives. They can even happily criticize any aspect of it. But they are very sensitive to the criticism from a foreigner. So, you should better avoid doing that.

Of course, Russians will not necessarily signal you if something upsets them.  But they may suddenly stop responding to your emails or phone calls. You do not have to dig too deep to understand what is going on.


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