Some typical Russian dishes you will not find anywhere else.

Studen (Aspic)

Something jelly-like with pieces of meat and bright circles of boiled carrots? It’s all right – this is a typical Russian dish –holodets (aspic).

If you add some Russian – not sweet – mustard to holodets and eat it with black bread – it’s an indescribable feeling.

The right holodets can only be made after you boil beef feet for hours.

There is also a version with fish.

Milk Noodle Soup

It’s a very tasty soup that can quickly give you energy. Milk noodle soup is recommendedeating even by people who because of health problems cannot eat any other soup. A unique Russian dish.


Lunch on a hot summer day is unthinkable without a typical Russian dish – okroshka. A traditional okroshka is a cold soup based on Russian kvass. More than a century ago, another kind of okroshka emerged – based on kefir (Russian fermented milk product that has exceptional health benefits).

In addition to a liquid base, okroshka has chopped vegetables, such as green onions and radishes to make the soup a little spicy. If it is not the time of the Orthodox Lent, the soup can contain eggs, meat, and sausage. It is served with sour cream.

Russian Shchi

Shchi is a very tasty cabbage soup. The main difference between different kinds of shchi is not iningredients but in cooking methods. This is also the difference between shchi and other cabbage soups. Real shchi is cooked in a Russian oven – very tasty. Shchi is the main Russian soup.

Fermented Milk Products

This does not exist anywhere in the world. These are typical Russian products. Only in Russia so much dairy products are consumed. Russian dairy products are usually fermented and very, very tasty.

Fungi and bacteria, which are used for the preparation of dairy products, are very beneficial to human health. Even if you have serious health problems, digestive issues, low immunity – daily consumption of fermented dairy products will fix everything in a few weeks. The most important thing in fermented dairy products is their freshness. They should be consumed within 3 days from the manufacturing date.

Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, fermented baked milk, varenets, bifidok –they are all incredibly tasty and extremely healthy. The only limitation is lactose intolerance.

Russian Salad – “Olivier”

Unlikely Monsieur Olivier knew about such an honor. Real Russian salad is not easy to make – it contains expensive products. Russian housewives instantly solved the problem of not having necessary ingredients. Now in Russia you can try as many version of Russian salad as there are housewives. This salad remains a must have dish on a holiday table.

“Herring Under a Coat”

Herring Under a Coat

Фотобанк Лори

Mildly salted herring in spicy brine is almost raw fish. Yet herring is a very tasty dish by itself.

The dish “herring under a coat” is a typical Russian dish that you will not find anywhere else.

When making “herring under a coat”, herring fish is covered with several layers of salad. The top layer – boiled beets. Beet juice in a few hours penetrates saturates the dish. You get a real play of tastes – something salty, a little sweet and a bit spicy.

In the beginning it is difficult to get used to the taste of the dish, but once you try, you will want to eat it again.

Russian Salad – Vinegret

It is a rich Russian salad. For some reason, all vegetables are pre-boiled. Then you add pickles, herbs and a little vegetable oil.

“Yubileinoe” Cookies

Try a typical Russian sweet dish – “Yubileinoe” cookies with chocolate. Yes! This is best cookie you have ever tried in your life. The secret is in a well thought-out recipe and natural ingredients.


Crispy, spicy, amazing Russian pickles. Many Russians believe that pickle is a mandatory snack to Russian vodka.

Pickle brine is a traditional Russian drink that will save you if the day before you got too carried away with a process of “testing” Russian vodka.

Russian Pancakes with Black Caviar

Russians love pancakes, and especially pancakes with fillings. Of course, many Russians never tried pancakes with black caviar. It’s too expensive. But almost everyone tried pancakes with red caviar.  This is a typical Russian food for special occasions.

In everyday life, pancakes with sweet fillings are popular – with cottage cheese, berries, jam…

Many people like pancakes with meat filling, fish, cabbage and egg, cottage cheese, sour cream.

Be sure to try typical Russian food – the taste of Russia.

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