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The Ulakhan-Sis is a stunningly beautiful mountain ridge in Polar Yakutia (the Sakha Republic) that stretches from south-west to north-east in the area between the Indigirka and Alazeya rivers.

Although great geographical discoveries have become the thing of the remote past, it seems we lack such experiences today. The situation is sad but not hopeless. Maybe you will not explore some blank spots on the world map or put your name on the discovery, but it does not mean that there is nothing more to explore!

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New discoveries can be called photogeographical. In fact, Russia is such a large country that it still has many places poorly captured in pictures. Simply put, there are plenty of interesting destinations that have been visited by few tourists in the latest century.

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Yakutia as the largest federal subject of Russia (and the whole world) has many hard-to-reach areas that cannot be seen in photos. What is more, these places are hardly even visited by tourists!

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That is why this region is of particular interest for explorers, photographers and geographers.

The Mountain Ridge of Ulakhan-Sis in Polar Yakutia (the Sakha Republic, Russia)

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The unique mountain ridge of Ulakhan-Sis located between the Indigirka and Alazeya rivers is an unfrequented spot. This year Sergei Karpukhin finally managed to go on a photography expedition to the Ulakhan-Sis.

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This project and the following expedition started with a few photos taken by a Yakutian biologist. Alexander Krivoshapkin took several pictures out of a plane window while gathering statistics on the population of wild deer. The panorama Sergei saw on his photo was so breathtaking that he could not sit still. It depicted the ridges of bald mountains with hordes of stone giants standing on top of them. These buttes (stony hills) of different shapes looked like they were put in a line!

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Sergei had been studying the existing information on the Ulakhan-Sis for several years. At first he did not know where to start, but this year his dreams came true. When the traveler finally got to the site, the view exceeded all the expectations.

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It was a larger-than-life wonder of nature! Sergei saw whole granite towns that were given their own names. Some buttes had such expressive forms that you would have easily thought of them as living creatures.

As the photographer and explorer has a degree in geology, he knows what natural phenomena form these landscapes. However, he still feels as if the amazing Ulakhan-Sis were made with human hands.

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It may be said without exaggeration that the buttes of the western Ulakhan-Sis deserve to be included into the list of most beautiful world landscapes.

Sergei has finished his expedition successfully and now he tells the story about the wonder of the Ulakhan-Sis with numerous photos.

A New Expedition to the Ulakhan-Sis 

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The expedition came to an end, but it does not mean that the work stops. The region should be further explored and captured in more photos. Sergei plans to make a new expedition to the western Ulakhan-Sis in August 2017, but there is still a lot to be done. The thing is there is a similar ridge in the eastern region! Sergei saw this mountain on Krivoshapkin’s photos and got inspired to start his new expedition.

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Unfortunately, this region is even more hard-to-reach. In summer you can get there on a chopper which is really expensive. Perhaps it is better to travel there on snow vehicles. April is the best month since you will be able to take pictures of wild deer migrating to other areas. The project still needs sponsors, but Sergei has enough will and passion to drive a nail home. We hope that Sergei will share the photos from his new expedition really soon!

The text and photos are provided by Sergei Karpukhin. For many years he has been exploring the hard-to-reach places of Russia that other photographers did not visit. In 2016, Sergei managed to gather sensational material about the mysterious Ulakhan-Sis in vast Yakutia (the Sakha Republic).

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