Ural Mountains divide Russia into Europe and Asia

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Regions of the Urals

Polar Urals

Located on the north, the slopes of the Polar Urals run into the Arctic Ocean. The mountains are covered with mosses and lichens. The maximum height of the mountain is 1472 meters.

Subpolar Urals

This part of the Urals is characterized by the highest mountain ranges, the terrain of which was formed largely by glaciers during the period of glaciation. The slopes of the mountains represent typical tundra. Here, you will find the highest peak of the Urals – Mountain Folk – 1895 meters high.

Northern Urals

If more to the north the Ural Mountainsare rather taluses, which are not very high, then here the mountains are real mountains. Forest appears on the slopes of the mountains more to the south. Here one of the largest rivers on earth, Ob, originates.

Middle Urals

Middle Urals are represented by mostly two parallel ridges, where the western ridge is lower than the eastern, but it is the western ridge that acts as the watershed between Europe and Asia.

The highest peak is the Konzhakovsky Stone – 1569 meters high.

Southern Urals

South Urals consist of the main ridge and several parallel ridges. The highest point is Mount Yamantau – 1640 meters high.

It’s amazing if you get a chance to visit the Urals – this famous mountain range that separates Europe and Asia!


The article used some of the materials by N. Arkhipova and E. Yastrebova.

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