Vareniki are different kind of fillings that are wrapped in pastry, which are then boiled in water.

In Russia there were popular vareniki with potatoes, liver, mushrooms, vegetables, but even more – sweet vareniki: with cottage cheese and berries.

Today vareniki are enjoyed all over Russia. And earlier this dish was common only in the south-western regions.

Dough for Vareniki

The method of preparation of the dough for vareniki greatly affects their taste. The dough is always without yeast, and is made of flour, water, salt and eggs. The water has to be cold, then you add eggs and salt to it, and then gradually add the sifted flour. The dough should be thoroughly kneaded, making sure that it is not too thick, so it is easier to work with. Once the dough is done, you should cut rounds orsquares from it, put the filling in the middle and then carefully nip the edges. In different regions there are different ways of molding vareniki, giving them unique shapes.

Fillings for Vareniki

The most popular summer vareniki in all regions of Russia are vareniki with cherries. But other fresh berries are quite suitable for stuffing as well. You have to remove pits from the berries. Then you cover them with sugar and let stand for a while. Berries will produce juice that is better to drain. But don’t throw it away! From that juice you can make a sweet sauce that is served with vareniki. You can also use fresh apples, poppy seeds or prunes as fillings.

Another popular option for vareniki stuffing is cottage cheese. Cheese is kneaded with sugar into a homogeneous mass, and then in small portions placed on rolled out circles or squares of dough.

How to Cook Vareniki

Vareniki are placed in boiling water, and you should stir immediately, so they do not stick to the bottom. Once vareniki rise to the surface of the water, you should cook them for not more than 4 minutes. Vareniki should be enjoyed while hot, because when they are cold they are not as tasty. You can serve cottage cheese vareniki with sour cream, and berry vareniki with a sweet sauce.

Russian housewives could quickly make some vareniki that used to be a frequent dish on the table.


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