Vodka Russia

Classic funny story about vodka and Russia.

This is a very funny story about how Russians drink.

Night time; the bar is closed. From a hole in the wall a German mouse is looking around, all is quiet, there is no cat. German mouse rushes to the bar, pours herself a beer, drinks it in one gulp and rushes back to the burrow.

After a few minutes a French mouse appears in a hole, looks around – there is no cat. Also rushes to the bar, pours herself a brandy, drinks it and immediately runs back.

Japanese mouse – all is quiet, running, sake, burrow.

Mexican mouse pops out –there is no cat, tequila, run back.

Finally a Russian mouse peeps out – no cat, runs to the bar, pours 100 grams of Russian vodka, drinks. Looks around – there is no cat. Well, I have time. Pours a second drink, drinks, looks around – no cat. Pours a third drink, then a fourth and a fifth … After the fifth it sits down, looks around- well, still no cat!

The mouse stretches its muscles, looks around again and angrily mutters: “Well, we, *****, will wait …”

P.S. By the way, we do not condone drinking! 

P.P.S. An interesting fact: 40% of people in Russia never drink alcohol (2018).

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