What the weather is in Moscow? This question is important for tourists. But for Muscovites, this question is also important. Usually you have got several questions in your mind. E.G. is it necessary to take an umbrella or not? What to put on? Perhaps for Muscovites, it is even more important than the latest news.

Autumn in Moscow

Autumn in Moscow

Moscow Weather Forecast and Temperature

Moscow has a continental climate. In autumn and spring fogs are possible in the capital of Russia. in warm seasons It is also possible to see urban smog near Industrial objects and highways in Moscow in calm weather. But smog in Moscow is not wax rife as the North-Western wind is often in the city. In August – September Moscow can suffer from smoke of peat fires. These fires are usually located in the Moscow region. It is very difficult to cope with them, because they are at a depth of 15 metres.

Due to human activities in the centre of Moscow it is warmer than on the outskirts. The temperature difference can be even 7° (!). You can feel that if you go for a walk from the center of Moscow in the Park zone.

Moscow is a place with the signs of Global warming too.

The warm period in the city has become longer. But Muscovites, are constantly complaining about long cold winters and that is why Global warming for them is a positive moment 🙂

In Moscow there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

But the climate are less stable than before.


Spring in Moscow is often still winter. In March strong night frosts up to –20°C are possible. But The days are longer and may gladden you with above-zero temperatures and the bright spring sun. In march in Moscow there is a situation when in the daytime you can see Brooks in the streets but at night you can see frozen puddles.

But already from the middle of April in Moscow you can feel almost summer warmth. But Sometimes winter temperatures can come back: for a short period of time in may or even at the beginning of June the night temperature can fall below zero degrees Celsius and it can be even snowing.


Summer in Moscow is warm and sunny. There are sometimes thunderstorms, even with hailing.

In Moscow in summer it can be really hot when the daytime temperatures are +30°C.

At this time in Moscow reservoirs citizens swimming and boating.


Autumn is a beautiful season of a year in the city. Gradually, the average daily temperature is reduced, this is especially noticeable at night. Sometimes rains and cold temperatures are already at the beginning of September, but it is also possible to enjoy good weather (+20°C in the daytime it is possible) even until the end of October. As a rule, Muscovites are waiting for this Indian summer at the beginning of September.
In November the cold weather come into the city with spells of fine weather.

Snow begins to fall at the end of November and gladdens the Muscovites only in December, or even in January.


As a rule Winter in Moscow is cold, with minus temperatures. However, often there are thaws. In winter there are periods when the temperature for several days or even weeks is -20… -25°C.

It is often melting of snow in winter. It is not very comfortable to go on foot. That is why in winter you need to have a warm waterproof footwear which will allow you in Moscow to walk in the streets, despite the caprices of the weather.


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