Where is Moscow – Geographical Position of Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia. Russia is situated in two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. Moscow city is situated in the western part of the country.

Moscow is located in the centre of the Russian or East European plain, which is the second in the world after the Amazon lowlands.

Due to its geographical position, Moscow is protected from strong earthquakes and any hazards from seas or oceans.

The landscapes of the Russian plain are very picturesque, they glorified in the works of Russian writers and poets.


Getting to Moscow

From Eastern Europe it is easy to come to Moscow by train or by bus. From Central or Western Europe, it is better to get to Moscow by plain. By plane you can reach Moscow from Riga (Latvia) for 1 hour, from Berlin for 2 hours 30 minutes, from Paris – for 3 hours 40 minutes, from Madrid –for 4 hours 30 minutes, from Reykjavik (Iceland) for more than 4 hours.

From any Scandinavian country it is easy to have a journey to Moscow through St. Petersburg. You can reach St. Petersburg by ferry. You can stay in the city on the Neva for a while to go sightseeing, and then it is possible to come to Moscow by the high-speed train «Sapsan».

From Asia to Moscow it is better to fly by plane. The journey from Istanbul (Turkey) takes about 3 hours, from Jakarta (Indonesia) – about 15 hours, from Sydney (Australia) about 18 hours.

You can get to Moscow from America by plane. For example, a flight from New York (USA) to Moscow lasts about 10 hours, from South America, Buenos Aires (Argentina) takes almost 17 hours.

From Northern Africa – Cairo (Egypt) – takes 4 hours, from South Africa – Cape town (South Africa) – takes up to 12 hours.

A City of Seven Hills

Moscow is often called the city of the seven hills (used as a nickname).

Rome, Prague and many other great cities claim that nickname too. The historical part of the Russian capital was formed around the XVI century. Being in the historical part of Moscow it is easy to understand that the city is situated really on seven hills. In fact, in Moscow there are more than 7 hills, but the historians think that there are seven ones. These hills are considered to be the main ones.

They are Borovitsky Hill (Kremlin Hill),the “Three Mountains” (Presnya and Vagankovo), Tver Hill (Pushkin Square), Sretensky Hill (Sukharevskaya Square), Tagansky Hill, Vvedenskiye Mountains (Lefortovo), and Vorobyovy Hills. But there’s also Krasniy Hill, Naprudniy Hill and Krutitsy Hill.

Many historians consider that since the XVI century Moscow has this title: The City of Seven Hills. Now Moscow is much bigger, but this nickname of the capital is not forgotten and still very popular.

P. S.

It is interesting that in the States there are more than ten settlements named «Moscow».

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