It’s in Russia.

Russia is tentatively divided into the European part and the Asian part (Siberia and the Far East).

A Figurative Look at Where Siberia Is Located

If you go from Europe to Moscow, that is, directly to the east, then after Moscow after some timeyou will reach the Ural Mountains. After the mountains is Siberia. And if you continue moving across Siberia to the east, then after some time, across a strait, there will be Alaska. That means that Siberia is located between the European part of Russia and Alaska.

Where Is Siberia Located

On the picture. In the upper left corner –a white cap of Greenland. If you look down from it and slightly to the right, then you will see a divide – the Ural Mountains. On the left, in a shady part – the European part of Russia, and on the right of the Ural Mountains – Siberia – all of the green space that goes to the ocean. And below the green space there is a brown area – this is where Siberia ends and begin Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and other Asian countries.

In other words, Siberia occupies the entire northern Asia.

Historical Adjustments

Over time, Russians began to distinguish separately such region of Siberia, as the Far East. That means that now Siberia is situated between the European part of Russia and the Russian Far East.

Old map of Siberia with the Far East 1816 Old map of Siberia with the Far East (1816)

Old map of Siberia Aziatic Russia 1868Old map of Siberia. Highlighted are the regions of Siberia. On the map there are markers made by owners (1868)

Modern Geographical Understanding of Where Siberia Is Located

Siberia is a region of the Eurasia continent, which is located in the Asian part of the world. Siberia is part of the Russian territory. Siberia is bounded on the west by the Ural Mountains and on the east by the dividing range at the Pacific Ocean (Russian Far East), on the north by the Arctic Ocean and on the south by the borders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.


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